Friday, December 14, 2012

A heavy heart

I know I haven't written in a long time.
It's been longer than I'd ever hoped.
I had hoped that today's post could come as a celebratory one.
But instead, I'm writing with a heavy heart.
I'm writing with a heart in a million pieces.
Today so many innocent children were taken from the world too soon.
They woke up like it was any other day.
But unlike any other day, they will not return home safely.
They were ripped from this world before they were able to really live.
May angels lead them in to Heaven.
They are in God's kingdom.
And they are at peace.
The prayers that need to be said are for the families of these innocent angels.
The ones left behind.
Because while these precious children's stories ended today, their parent's lives will continue on.
They have to learn a new reality.
I was sitting at home thinking how it made me so sad that this happened.
But then I realized I have my voice and I can make a difference.
I'm calling on all of you to pray and only pray.
Please don't make this political.
I have my thoughts on guns and they would probably surprise you.
But I won't share them with you all.
Because I don't think that these perfect babies lives should be used to achieve some sort of political gain. I believe they should be remembered in a better light than that.
The amount of gun control posts I have seen breaks my heart.
That's not what this should be about.
This day should be about remembering the lives of those who can't live anymore.
They are home with Jesus and they are at peace.
Pray for those who are left behind and pray for their peace. 
I just finished reading a book called "The Fault in Our Stars".
And this book was sad, but happy at the same time.
That's how I believe this day should be.
Be sad for those families.
Be sad for the man who killed them.
Be sad for the children who don't get to grow up.
But be happy that they are in the hands of God.
Be happy that you have the future they never get.
Be happy that your children were not at that school this morning.
Be happy that you still have a chance to observe this world.
My favorite line from this book was 
"Sometimes it seems the universe wants to be noticed"
I think this is something we need to take away from today.
Be happy that you get to notice the beauty that surrounds you.
The beauty that is life.
The amazing things that lie around you.
Be happy that you have your life and still get to notice the universe
because it certainly wants to be seen.
Say your prayers for these children and their families.
Say your prayers for the Connecticut community that has to rebuild.
Say all the prayers you can.
But please take a moment to thank the universe and
 God for all that you are and the wonderful 
gift that is your life.
I think the best way we can honor deaths like these, it to take advantage of our lives.
To truly live and to love with all our hearts.
Please don't take any moment for granted.
Soak up all the greatness in your world and remember that in a moment it can all disappear just like it did for the sweet children in Connecticut.