Thursday, March 29, 2012

Social Media is Taking Over the World

Ok, so here's the thing.
I think the internet is great.
I spend a vast majority of my time on it.
But what I don't think is great is Facebook, Twitter, and sites such as that.
In the past few months, social media sites have done nothing but cause 
hurtful situations in my life.

What happened to me isn't the end of the world or anything,
but it was "technically" cyber bullying.
And the problem is, I had absolutely no way to defend myself.
And it took away the things that I thought were good about these social 
media sites.

I'm not writing this for you to feel sorry for me.
I just want to say, that I think our generation would 
be better off without these things.

I know that every generation has had it's problems.
But I feel like these social media sites are creating more problems for teenagers than 
they are bringing good.
Teenagers spend their entire lives sitting in front of a computer screen.
It takes away from time that could be spent with people who are right in front of us.
And I think that opens us up to being hurt in ways that people haven't been before.

I know that a lot of good can come from these sites.
You can stay connected with friends and family that are far away.
You can make someones day with a kind word on their wall
or a thoughtful tweet to them.
And that is awesome.

But I think someone just needs to teach people how to use it the right way.
To be smart about what they're doing with their time.
If I think about it, I would have so much more time in a day if I never turned on my computer.
I wouldn't be afraid to open my twitter or facebook worrying that 
someones going to hurt me again.
I would be more productive.
I could be closer to the people in my life.
I honestly think I'd be happier.

But it's the forum that everyone uses these days to keep in touch.
Or to send important information out about events or meetings.
It would be virtually impossible to delete my Facebook and still know what 
was going on in my organizations or groups I'm involved in.

I wish that there was a way to change the things that people do on the internet.
I wish it could do nothing but boost people up rather than tear them down.
Hopefully, someday it can.

Until tomorrow lovebugs. 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Titles aren't really important, right?

So for a while now, I've been feelin like my blog name really doesn't suit me.
I've been thinking of what would be more me.
I've been envious of all those blogs with such creative titles. 

They use things from their lives to make their blogs their own.
When I decided I wanted to blog, coming up with a name was the HARDEST part.
It took me weeks.
And I just chose the first thing that didn't sound stupid or weird.
 I wish that I could be so creative to come up with a name that reflects my life perfectly.
I've been playin around with names.
I tried to come up with something more fun.
More me.

But the I realized that my blog name does reflect my life.
It actually reflects it perfectly.

Clearly I am alive.
{I'd be concerned if I was dead and things were still bein' written on the blog.}
And everyday I learn something about who I am, what I like, where I'm headed.
I try and make the best of what I am given everyday.
And I never settle for less than what I deserve.

Anways, now that I got the randomness out of my head.
Here's my pinny pin pin pins for the week.
Since I know you all have a Pinterest, you should go ahead and follow me.
Because I want to see all your pretty faces.
I hope you have had an excellent Wednesday.



Sunsets make my heart smile

Don't let anyone steal your tenderness



Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Ok, so I'm really bad at actually making the days for when link-ups are supposed to be.
But I really like to do them.
So they are always a day late.
Just my style, yo.

Anyways, this time of year when the sun shines everyday and
 the flowers are pretty always makes me realize how much I love life.
And how much I love having Keegan in my life to share these things with.
Even though he's a few hundred miles away.

So today I got him to agree to participate in something cheesy.
Like real cheeseballs.
But I love it.
Because I love cheesy.
And I love my blog.

{I'm pretty sure this is the first picture we ever took together}

Today we are playing "The Newlywed Game"
Basically you each answer the same set questions about each other.
{I told you, cheesy}
And even though it's called "newlywed", I'm doin' it anyways.
Because I do whateva I want, dawg.

Question Uno

What do you think my best quality is?

Keegan: your delightful personality

Natalie: Your silliness. It makes me smile on a daily basis.
Oh and how understanding you are.

Question Two

What would be your ideal date with me?

Keegan: The ideal date with you is to go to the top of a building at night and see the beautiful skyling in the night sky. 

Natalie: I like when you teach me about the things you love, so my ideal date with you would be to go fishing together. I know we've done it before, but I would love to pack lunch and take a blanket and go out to a lake or something and fish (preferably not in the middle of the summer when it's 8000 degrees outside) because I like watching you and I like when you show me how and help me catch them. And when you tell me stories of the fish you've caught. 

{The first fish you helped me catch}

Question Three

What was your first impression of me?

Keegan: Shy and quiet with a wonderful story to tell.

Natalie: This kid is hilarious. And the minute I met you, I knew you were about to become a huge part of my life. And that you were going to stick around for a while. It was a cool feeling.

Question Four

What is your favorite memory of us?

Keegan: Every memory of us is one to tell the world therefore every memory is so memorable and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Natalie: There are a TON and I have about five I want to write, but I guess I would say our first "official" date. We went to Pei Wei and then we bought "How to Train Your Dragon" and watched on my TV with the messed up colors so all the flames were green. Even though it was simple, it's one of the best dates we've ever had.

{The day we graduated}

Question Five

What do you see for us in the future?

Keegan: I see a future with you starting out poor in an apartment to building a better life for us and getting married and having beautiful children.

Natalie: Who knows? I want everything with you (a house, a dog, kids, etc.), but for now we are young. And as long as I have you, I'm not really worried about what's next. 

Monday, March 26, 2012

Mondays should be banned

Why hello there.
If you're here from My Crazy, Beautiful Life
or 20 going on 80, you are awesome and I'm glad to have you.
If you're not, you are also awesome.
And I love you all. 

It's definitely a Monday.
Ya know how I know?

Well, you see other than the fact that
 I got dressed in the dark and
 wore a bright yellow shirt with bright blue shorts
(Matching is not my strong point when half asleep)
Today started off great.
They had the muffins I like so I bought one.
Then it was warm and sunny on my way to class.
And Texas Tech is BEAUTIFUL this time of year.
So clearly, I was thinking this day is off to a great start.

Well as Mondays go, they don't stay great for long.
See, I missed my class last Wednesday so I was behind on our project.
When I say behind, I mean that everyone around me was busily working while I
sat and stared at the paper, trying to make sense of a blank page.
Then I kept having coughing attacks.
And sneezing fits.

Then on my way home since it was nice and warm, I chose to walk around the building 
rather than through it like I normally do.
Meaning that I passed the free speech area.
And since it is "free speech", people can say just about anything they want to.
So I just happened to walk past a man calling all the girls in shorts 
"low value hussies"

Thank you sir.
You made my day.

But aside from all of this, I know that the rest of my day is going to be just swell.
Because I plan to spend it in the library, reading about public policy.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Letters


Dear Lubbock,
I was ok with being sick until you had to go and be all sunny outside.
I want it to be rainy and cold.
Get on that.

Dear Body,
I might have been ok with being sick, but it's time to get better.

Dear School Work,
I'm struggling with you because you're boring.
Make yourself more interesting and I'll be more inclined.

Dear Mom,
I miss you. 
I am really excited to see you at Easter.

Dear Airlines,
I don't understand why the only flight I could find from Houston to Lubbock takes me through Denver.
That's two whole states away from where I want to be.
Get your act together.

Dear Summer,
I need you to hurry up.
I want to move home.

Dear Hunger Games,
I guess it's about time I jump on your bandwagon.


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Birchbox and Big Booties

I tried my hardest to make it to every class today.
But it didn't work out.
However, I am feeling much, much better! 
So I'm going to share with you this month's Birchbox.

Ok, honestly, I love getting packages.
I really don't even care what it is.
Seriously, if you want to become quick friends,
 send me something because I'll love you forever.
I just love getting mail.
So when this arrives every month
Well, I just about sprint downstairs to pick it up.

This month, they did a Teen Vogue Birchbox.
Which means it's full of great stuff.

My new favorite perfume.
I mentioned it yesterday in my pins from Pinterest.
And if I'm gonna mention it twice in two days, 
I think you get how much I'd love a full bottle.
It's pretty amazing

Some lip tint from Tarte.
It's a little too pink for my taste, but I like it nonetheless.

Some sort of hair serum
I've got no clue what it does.
But i'll get around to trying it soon.

And there was also a super cute hair tie called a twistband, but it's currently in my hair.
And I'm not taking it out for a picture.
And my sick self does not need her picture taken. 
So just pretend you can see it. 
It's lime green.

A top coat to make my nail polish sparkly.
Which I'm off to go use right now.
So i'll leave you lovely ladies with this 

Because I have a big booty.
Plus anything with Justin Timberlake is worth sharing.
Well, and because as much as I hate to admit it,
 Lord knows I can be a real witch sometimes.
But not to you people.
Because you're nice and sweet. 
And I love you.
Have an excellent Thursday. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I spend a little too much time on Pinterest

Because I am still sick and have done nothing remotely exciting
I am going to get straight to the pinning today.
Because it's more fun than coming up with something to say.

cutee :) 

Solar charger for iPhone 


Vanilla Shake Blouse-Red Dress Boutique 


My new fav perfume!! Kate Spade Twist.
This perfume is called "Twirl" by Kate Spade.
It's heaven in a bottle.
If you feel like making my day with a surprise.
Here's your golden ticket. 

Hopefully by tomorrow I'll be feeling like myself again.
I can't wait to show you about all my new Birchbox goodies.
This month they did pretty great.
Have an awesome Wednesday.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I'll pretend to be a sailor until my dream boat arrives

Sometimes I have a hard time coming up with things to write about.
Because I don't like repeating myself.
And I feel like I've already shared most of my life with you.
So now that you know everything there is to know what do we discuss?

The weather?
Unless there's some sort of insane storm, I'd rather not.

TV shows?
Only if they are of the reality variety, and super trashy.
But I don't like ranting about TV.
Because if you wanted that, you'd probably just be watching TV.

What I did last night?
Um here's the thing, I may seem like I have all my stuff together
and go out and do fabulous things every night.
But if we're gonna be honest,
I spend most nights on Netflix.
Or doing homework.
It's riveting people.

So here's something you all may not know about me.
Actually, I'm sure you don't know about me.

I have a mouth like a sailor.
Which makes sense considering how badly I want to have a boat.

But seriously, the things that come out of my mouth astound me sometimes.
I can be offensive and horribly rude.
It gets even worse when I am sleepy, hungry, or mildly uncomfortable.
Basically anything less than 100 percent satisfied and the words start flying.
It's almost second nature now. 
Remember kids, swearing releases endorphins! 
I'm not ashamed of it.
Because honestly, it does help take the edge off of difficult situations.
and it can make awkward moments hilarious.
What I don't agree with though, is using these words on the internet.

I know that language like this makes me seem less intelligent than I am.
And I also know that my future boss is one day going to 
see my entire life posted on the internet. 
And I would like to have a job someday.

I also don't like to speak this way around people I've just met.
It's not a great first impression to have.
Because I'm not really so crass, I just sound like it when I let words slip.
So I tend to wait until we've known each other awhile.

I also don't believe in using curse words in arguments.
It completely destroys any credibility you have and makes you look dumb.
I like to appear to know what I'm talking about.
Because at least 40 percent of the time I do.
So why ruin the other 60 percent with words that make me seem like I don't. 

There ya have it people.
The hidden side to my personality.
Sorry if you're disappointed.
But let's be honest, you can't say you've never said a bad word.
Anyways as long as you stick to the blog, you'll never see that side of me.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Back to reality

I've missed this.
Sorry I went AWOL for a few days.
I promise it won't happen again.
But here's the deal.
Last week was crazy.

I want to tell you all about how amazing Miranda Lambert was. 
And how I feel like her and I would be excellent friends in real life.
And the awesome free tickets my mom scored for us to Jason Aldean.
I mean look at how close we were.
And the crazy faces his drummer made.
Or how I tried fried cookie dough.
And how amazing it was.

But instead I'm going to tell you about what happened the last two days of my week off.
You see it always happens that when I have time off of school, I get sick.
There have been multiple Christmases, Thanksgivings, and Spring Breaks spent cuddled up on the couch watching movies while every one else enjoys the fun.

In fact this makes the second Spring Break in a row I've been sick.
Last year it was strep throat.
The worst strep throat I've ever experienced.
(Note to self, don't let your throat ache for a week before seeing a doctor)

This Spring Break.
I think it's just a cold.
However, it's a cold that's kicking my butt.

You see it came on fast.
Saturday I woke up feeling fine.
By the afternoon my body was aching.
By night I could hardly move.

When I woke up around 3 am
I decided it was time for medicine.
At the time it seemed like a smart decision.

So I walked to my bathroom only to discover there were no meds.
So I went downstairs.
Got a water bottle from the fridge.
Went to the kitchen.
As I opened the bottle the room started spinning.
I managed to take the ibuprofen.
Then I started to walk back to my room.
Looking back, attempting to move when the room is spinning was poor judgement on my part.
So I made it about four steps when every thing was moving too much.
So I fell.
Into the corner of a wall.
With my collar bone breaking my fall.

So now I'm not only sick, but I have a swollen lump on my bone.
These things are enough to knock me out.
They've officially gotten the best of me.
Time for bed.
At 7:30 pm. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The makings of an excellent day

Hello hello! 
I hope you're all having a fantastic Tuesday.
Because I am.
New shoes, cupcakes, and Miranda Lambert later.
You know that makes for an excellent day.

Instead of the new shoes and Miranda Lambert.
I'm going to tell you about the cupcakes.
How cute right?!
Well I'm gonna tell you how to make 'em.
It's so simple.
Here goes:

Get yourself in the car.
Drive to target.
Find the Easter section.
Pick up the kit.
Get back in yo car.
Follow the directions.


It doesn't get much simpler than that.
Enjoy yo cupcakes. 
And yo Tuesday.
And I'm off to enjoy me some Miranda Lambert.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Dangerous Reptiles Make Excellent Pets

Hello friends.
I have someone special to introduce you to.

He's my new pet.
And I'm a little nervous.
My dorm only allows 20 gallon fish tanks
And I think he's a little too big for that.
But he's such a sweetheart I just couldn't resist. 
Say hello to Fredrick.
What a cutie, right??
When I saw him I knew I couldn't say no.
He won my heart over with just a glance.

So I snapped a picture and let him keep playing.
I just couldn't bare to tear him away from his sitting.
He's so adorable when he looks for food.

It was great and all for a good twenty minutes.
But then he got in the water and swam away.
Bye Fredrick.
It's good to know your loyalty runs deep. 

Have a great Monday.
Don't do anything too crazy like get a pet Alligator. 

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring Break Blues

Um, I cannot go this long without blogging ever again.
I missed this business. 
I'm so glad to be on a break from school.
I don't have anything to worry about.
I love being home. 
But the trip to get here..
It was kind of a nightmare.
First it was hailing when we left Lubbock.
Then when we landed in Dallas we had to sit on the plane for 40 minutes
because they were unsure whether conditions in Houston were safe to land.
When the ok was finally given to go to Houston, they started loading the plane.
With all the clouds in the sky, I knew we were in for a pretty crazy ride.
Also because the guy next to me kept asking me questions like,

"Doesn't this remind you of that scene in The Day After Tomorrow when they have a crazy plane ride and almost crash?"

"Do you actually know what the safety procedures are to get off when we crash?"

Thanks dude.
I got my laptop out as quick as possible and shoved in the headphones.
The flight was so bumpy, my computer almost hit the top of the seat
 because I stopped holding it for a few seconds.
They didn't serve drinks.
No one ever came on the intercom and told us to turn off our electronics.
I landed with my episode of Modern Family still playing.
Then it took about 30 extra minutes to get home because of the rain.
Everyone on the road was just driving where they felt like it because no one could 
see the lines dividing the lanes. 

Basically I was a nervous wreck until I was safely sitting on the couch at home.
And now, I'm still sitting on that couch because it's still raining.
Later I'm going to see a movie.
But really, this is not the weather I was hoping for.
Sun, please come out soon.
I want to do something fun.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Colors Make My World Go 'Round

Holla at ya homeslice.
 Last Friday was my 100th post.
Which for me is a huge deal.
I have such a problem with sticking things out.
Generally, I start something and am super excited about it for a few weeks.
And then get bored and move on to the next thing.
Even though the blog faced a little of this, I ended up coming back to it and loving it.
I wanted to do something awesome for my 100th post.
Like when you were in Elementary school and the 100th day of school was a huge deal.
There was usually a class party.
And sometimes your teacher dressed as an old woman.

But I couldn't think of anything.
I guess I'll just wait till 200.
If you have any suggestions for post numba 200, you better send me an email.

Now, lets talk about what I really came here to talk about today.

macaw hues

You see, I never really appreciated what color can do for a person.
Honestly, I didn't really care.
All I know is that when I was little, I stole paint chips every chance I got.
Had a whole drawer full of 'em.
Any color you could imagine.

So it's fitting that now I am working towards a degree in interior design.
Where I get to spend all day around colors.
Except for when all I do is draw windows and doors. 
That tedious, boring, and frustrating.
But still I love doing it. 
underwater brights

Anyways, I never understood the purpose of color.
I always thought it was pretty.
But think about it.
We've all been in a space or seen something that just makes us feel happy.
Or feel sad.
Or brings us energy.
beach tones

Well, unless they've recently figured out a way to pump caffeine through the air vents, 
Color is what makes it this way.
door tones

And I think it's fascinating! 
I love the way different tones and shades can completely change the way a color makes you feel.
If it's bright and fun, you feel happy and excited.
If it's subdued and light, you feel calm and relaxed.
Or maybe you feel sad.
That's generally the effect that "calming" colors have on me.

Which is why recently I've been embracing bright colors.
And I've been trying to incorporate them into my everyday life.
Because they put a smile on my face. 
Which is why I bought this scarf

And why I've been making an effort to buy more brights.
And less blues.
Because after looking through my closet, basically everything I own is a shade of blue. 
And I like other colors too. 
I love color.

Why do you like colors?

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Zeus Has A Tiny Penis

 It is days like this where I wonder what the heck I am doing in college.
Don't get me wrong.
I'm so grateful for the opportunity to be here.
To get an education and start a career. 
I'm excited for my future.
And I love my major. 
I love interior design so much 
It is the perfect fit for me and there's nothing I'd rather be doing.
I can't wait to get out into the real world and start designing.

But let's just think about this for a second.

When I spend two hours discussing the size of Ancient Greek sculptures penises,
looking at Greek erotic poetry that would make porn stars look away,
 and the two more hours discussing economic policy
 and how "it's up to us to change shit. We have to change stuff."
Oh and I can't forget to mention the most vitally important piece of information I learned,
"Ben Bernanke is an economic badass." 

I kid you not, a girl in my class asked,
"If this is supposed to be Zeus, shouldn't he be a bigger down there?
I mean he is a God, right?
Why is he so tiny?"

Our professor is the world's leading expert in an Ancient Mesoamerican society. 
And you are going to spend your time asking her about a penis?
Makes sense. 

What am I learning?
I could have Googled these things and it would've taken probably 10 minutes.
So why did I go spend two hours to listen to someone tell me that?
Why am I paying all this money?
Taking out loans?
Living in Lubbock so far away from home?

Well I think Conan O'brien says it best,
"With your college diploma, you now have a crushing advantage over 8% of the work force.
 I'm talking about drop out losers like Bill gates, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerburg."

Most days I am so thankful for the opportunity I've been given to be here.
But when I spend days learning about these things,
It makes me wonder if I'm really going to be better off with a college degree.
I know that I am, but honestly, wouldn't it make you wonder too?

Now I'm off to go study more Greek genitalia for my test.
That's college for you people.

Monday, March 5, 2012


Hola amigos.
Hope you are all having a nice day.
I am having the craziest most stressful week of my life.
Two papers, three projects, and two midterms.
I'm stressed just typing it.
Fortunately one due date was pushed back today.
But then I was given another assignment.
Way to make it easier for me, professors..
Anyways, I'm taking a study break.
And thought I'd share with you the coolest website I just found.
Check it out:

Basically, you can buy awesome fabrics.
Or if you're super creative.
You can design your own.
So for my study break, I'm doodling ideas of pretty fabrics.

Also, is this not the coolest ad you've ever seen

It's kind of hard to read.
But if you can manage, figure out which side you're on.
I'm pretty much smack dab in the middle, but I lean a little more towards the right. 

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Internet Friendliness

Due to recent experiences that have made Twitter, Facebook & Blogging some what frustrating 
I thought I would share with you somethings I believe.
So here goes:

1. If you don't have something nice to say don't say it all
Um hello.
You've been told this since you were scootin around in huggies.
You are always entitled to an opinion of your own,
 but that doesn't mean you need to post it on the internet for the person it's about to read.
It's hurtful and unnecessary. 
Plus if someone did it to you, you'd jump down their throat without hesitation.

2. Give credit where credit is due
If you get inspired by something you find on a blog, Pinterest,
 or any other slice of the internet that's wonderful! 
But if you get inspired, you better be sure to say where your inspiration came from.
Put a link in your blog to the source and say how much you loved them.
And do not make it so similar that you could be sued for theft of intellectual property.
Because trust me, if I get on your blog and see something almost identical to what I've written,
not only will I be mad, I will lose tons of respect for you. 

Also if you do so, send an email to the blogger and let them know how awesome you thought their post was and how it inspired you to have this wonderful idea of your own.
If you do this, they'll be flattered.
And you may have just gained a new follower or bloggy friend. 
If you don't and you copy them almost verbatim, they'll be very unhappy.
And you might end up with a harshly worded email in your inbox.
So basically, do what yo English teacher told you and don't plagiarize. 

PS. I just read this post on Things 
it's a great article about what can happen if you don't correctly give credit.
Especially on Pinterest.
Go check it out here

3. If someone needs your help, help them
Yeah, you may be a super genius who figured out blogging all on your own.
Or we could be realistic and say that you're like everyone else.
You probably needed help when you were first starting out.
Heck, I still need help and I've been doin' it for like half a year now.
So if you get an email for a littler blogger, help a sista out.
Chances are it'll make you feel really good about your blog
And you can watch someone else reach success.
Don't be a knowledge hoarder people. 

I think that's all for now. 
Basically just use your brains.
You wouldn't want someone stealing your work.
So don't steal other peoples. 
Help each other out and encourage each other.
Be the nice ladies that your momma's raised you to be. 

Friday, March 2, 2012

Dear Bloggity Blog,

When we first met, I loved you instantly.
But no one knew of our awesome part of the internet.
Only two people read it and it made us both a little sad.
But still I kept on writing and for a few months things were smooth sailing between us.
Until I left for college.
Then I got caught up in a lot of things and we grew apart.
We had a pretty long break in our relationship.
Almost three months past where I never wrote a thing.
I missed you, but I didn't feel right writing you.
I was too caught up in doin' my college thang to give you a second thought.
But when I went home for the winter holiday,
 I realized that my life just wasn't the same without you.
And in the four short months that I was away at school a lot changed in my life.
And without you, I had no way to sort all that out.
So I made a promise to myself and to you, that we were going to be together forever.
Even when things get hard and I don't want to see you some days, I am going to stick it out.
Because I love you.
You let me express my inner thoughts.
You let me be completely ridiculous and you never judge me.
You don't mind when I throw in words like "homeskillet" and "dawg".
You make me laugh on the reg.
(and you don't judge me when I make myself laugh).
You also understand my obsessions with a few blogs that I love.
And you never tell me I look ugly when I make faces like this
Which is why I love our relationship.
Because I can be 100% me and you never tell me that I'm a weirdo.
Or that I should consider not posting certain things.
And when I like to shake my butt while I write you, you just go with it.

So that is why I promise to always write something interesting for you.
And I'll try my hardest to make you laugh.
But I'll always be nice. 
Because no one likes a meanie on the internet.
And I'll let you help my creativity shine.
And I'll remember to be thankful for the people that read you.
And every day I'll keep trying to tell the world about our relationship.
Because I happen to think it's worth sharing.
And I think maybe we could make a difference to someone some day.
After all, that's kind of what I wanted to do when I started this.

But mostly, I'll remember that I write you because you make me happy
and I won't ever forget that.
I love you bloggy.
Thanks for everything you've given me. 

PS. Today is our 100th post.
Which is a pretty big deal.