Friday, January 4, 2013

My happiest happy

So here's the deal.
I have a thing for the movie We Bought a Zoo.
And one of my favorite things (aside from the killer soundtrack)
is the way they say "your happy"
Instead, of just referring to laughter or a smile,
it's your happy.
And I want to adopt that in my life.
Because I often steal creatively written things from movies and introduce them into my own life.
You know, on the off chance someone is filming me in my natural habitat, 
I'd like to appear to be generally adorable and lovable, rather than outright crazy.
Back to business.

Here's my happiest happy from the past year.
I look forward to another year of happy.
And taking ridiculous pictures along the way.
One of my resolutions is to include more silly.
Because my life isn't mine without ample amounts of silly.
And so, here's to looking back on a year of happy.

Thursday, January 3, 2013


So here's the thing.
I tend to make these plans.
And then, life decides that my plans aren't right.
Which is fine.
I mean, when my plan is
"Hey, I wanna blog on New Years,"
I thought it would be harmless.
But then life was like,
"Oh no, emergency room visits are where it's at on the first day of the year,"
And I mean, I wasn't about to disagree, because I couldn't feel my face.
Turns out, those sinus infections are pretty brutal when they wanna be.
I've been meaning to get around to this whole blog thing.
It's been three whole days.
But, you know, I'm not so good with the whole do-things-when-I-say-I-will concept

But here's how my 2012 went.
The quick version because no one is really all that interested.
(don't be that person that lies right now and says you are)
You see, I started my 2012 in love.
But then like I said, my plans don't always work out.
Things ended.
And I got a taste of heartbreak.
Like the serious kind, you know, not the "I'm mad for a day or two but then totally cool" kind.
TV shows don't really portray these things in the right sort of light.
Anyways, so I went back to school.
I got busy.
Like really busy, the kind of busy where you get gray hairs at 19.
(It's not really always as fun as it sounds)
And then a really crazy thing happened.
In the middle of all my busy and my sad and my heartbreak.
I was happy.
My life, even though it wasn't where I imagined it would be, is pretty great.
And my happy is pretty great if you ask me.
I am starting off this year as the vice president of my sorority.
I'm really freaking excited about it. 
In a few months, I'm going to NYC.
I'm taking really awesome classes this semester.
Things are pretty great if you ask me. 
I'm also really excited about some other things in my life.
But, for now, those are my happy to keep to myself.

So as I start 2013, I'm looking back on this year, and wondering why I spent so long
wondering why things weren't working.
I mean, my life is pretty awesome.
Then I realized what I need to do for this year.
Stop worrying.
I'm in no hurry.
I want to enjoy myself.
I want to have fun.
I want to be silly again.
And that's exactly what I plan on doing.
I hope you all have a splendid year regardless of what your plans are.
Just be silly and have fun.
The happy will come when it's ready.
 And like so many of you, I have chosen a word for this coming year.
Well, techincally two. 
I'm a rule breaker that way
These words are: 
Silly and balance.
Both are things I need more of and both are the way to be happy in my book.
Happy 2013.
From me and my silly.