Saturday, July 5, 2014

Hello Old Friend

It's been so long since we've talked. 
I can't express how much I have missed you.
It has been over eleven months since I last wrote.
I think I lost my spark. 
I lost my drive to keep this going.
I had no inspiration.
 But I think more than that I lost myself. 
I couldn't figure out a way to express what I believe or where I am headed.
But today, I found my voice.
And I knew that I had something more to say.
It was very simple.
I was getting my nails done. 
A pretty lavender for my fingers and a neon purple for my toes.
I had my nose in the book I've recently started reading and I was tuning out the world.
Until I heard a tone in a woman's voice.
It sparked my interest because it had so much anger in it.
I pulled myself out the words on the page and found the source of the anger.

This woman had been waiting for twenty minutes.
She felt forgotten about.
Her daughter was next to her engrossed in her phone unaware of her mother.

Instead of simply asking how much longer of a wait it would be, she lashed out.
She was making a scene in the middle of nail salon.
The poor women working were so overwhelmed, but they offered her some water while she waited.
She continued to berate the women working in the salon until finally someone was available to see her.

It made me consider a few things.

The first was that people need more patience. 
For me, getting my nails done is a treasured time. 
It is a time when I am not on my phone, but I am focused on myself.
It is an easy confidence booster for me to have my nails nicely painted and for that I am always willing to be patient. 

The second was that her daughter was witnessing the way she spoke to the women who were working. 
Her impressionable daughter was listening to her mother yell at women for doing their jobs learning from her that the way to get what you want is to make a scene. She is learning that patience is not a valued attribute. Whether she realizes it or not, her daughter is watching her.

The third is that the way people treat those who are serving them is very indicative of the kind of person they are. 
This is in no way limited to the nail salon.
It can be a waiter, a valet, a mechanic, a salesperson, etc. 
When I witness this kind of impatience and rudeness, I assume that this is how that person conducts themselves in other settings as well. 
It is easy to forget that the people who are serving us in our daily lives are people too. 

Anyways, my point is, that we should all have a little patience.

And that inspiration can come in any form, including an impatient woman at a nail salon.