Monday, August 27, 2012

First Days

Today is one of my very favorite days in the year.
It goes Christmas, my birthday, Thanksgiving, and then
the first day of school. 
I guess it's just a part of who I am,
but I have seriously always loved school. 

I love buying supplies.
It's a bit of an addiction..
I love reading.
I love studying.
I even sometimes love homework.
I'm excited for all of my projects.
And I really can't wait to get into the swing of my schedule.
Except my days are really long and I don't think I have
any breaks for lunch most days.
So i'll be a little grumpy.
But I'm so excited that I'm back in classes.

I am a little apprehensive about this semester because I am taking 
some classes with huge work loads. 
But I think I can manage it.
At least I better be able to.

I hope all you had an excellent Monday.
I definitely did. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Parking Ciations

I got my first ticket today.

It was a parking citation.
And I'm not pleased.
I've never been pulled over and I am a very safe driver.
And I'm not happy about the fact that I got a parking ticket.
The irony of all of it was that I was parked as a visitor {assuming I was a visitor since I no longer live on campus..} because I was trying to pay my tuition. 
Well, according to Texas Tech, I am not a visitor. 
So on top of all of my tuition money Tech got from me today {and it was a pretty large amount},
the university parking services stole another twenty five bucks. Those jerks

It was a rough morning.
But I also found out that I have a really cool opportunity next week.
Which made it an awesome morning. 
It also could have been the large cup of coffee that made it seem extra awesome.. we'll never know.
I don't want to say too much about it in the fear that I may jinx myself.
So if it all works out, you better believe I'll share my news, but I don't want to be overly excited only to have my heart break if it doesn't happen. 

Lastly, I want an Oxford Polo shirt.
My sisters wore them for recruitment with white jeans and I thought they were absolutely presh.
So naturally after my rough morning, I wanted to feel better. 
I decided I was gonna buy myself one. 
I drove on over to the mall.
Walked around the store for like 30 minutes.
Uhh.. where do they hide these things?
Do they not make them for women?
Are all of my sisters just secretly wearing mens shirts?
What is this?! 

Needless to say, I didn't find one.
I did however find a real cute green shirt.
I bought it. 
I'm a little confused as to when I started to actually enjoy shopping, but, hey, I'm not complaining. 
So if ya know where to get one, hook a girl up
Because I've wanted one for ages.
And then seeing how adorable they looked, I just wanted one even more.

As always, thanks for reading my ramblings. 


Tuesday, August 21, 2012


It's one of those words that seems harmless.
But it's not.
This word has been stealing my sleep.
And I'm not happy about it.
Actually, that's a lie.
I'm thrilled about it.
Recruitment means that my sorority is about to get a bunch of brand new faces. 
We get new sisters. 
{sorry it's so blurry}
That means this picture is about to get a whole lot bigger.
I can't wait to get to know all of our new members at the end of this week. 
It's such a cool experience.
I've been on the decorating side of it.
It means I don't actually talk to anyone. Me and a few other sisters have been painting and making our house look beautiful! 
I absolutely love it. 
I guess it's the fact that I actually get to put all the things I've been studying as an Interior Design major to use. 
The only part I dislike is having to stay up super late to change all the decorations at the end of each day. But other than that, it's been fabulous.
As much as I've loved decorating the house this week, I think that next year I definitely want to get to talk to the girls coming through the house each day.
I love meeting new people and I feel like I'd really enjoy it.

Were/are any of you in a sorority? 
Did you enjoy this process or did you dread it?
I hope that it was something you treasured. As tiring as it is, it's definitely going to be so rewarding on Friday when we receive a group of wonderful new girls. 


Monday, August 13, 2012

Face Lifts

Hi dolls
I'm all moved in to my apartment.
Well, sort of.
My clothes are put away, my bed is made, and things are mostly organized.
However, I have some serious plans for the walls in this place. 
Currently, there's absolutely nothing in the means of making it a home. 
Ok, that's a lie.
The living room is to die for.
It's so adorable.
My roommates did a fabulous job.
But when it comes to my room.
It's a little lacking
Except for my curtains. 
But I am in need of some serious decorations. 
So if you want to give me some suggestions, I'd love to hear em!
I'd really like to order some stuff off of Etsy so pretty please send me your favorite shops. 
Before I post some pictures, I want to get more settled and organized. 
 As an interior design major, I'm not ready to show you how it looks quite yet.
 I feel that it needs some good TLC before I can show you how it looks. 

In other news, uhhh look at the place. My girl got a face lift. 
Well, basically she's a whole new person. Considering nothing looks the same.
 And I couldn't be more thrilled
Miss Aubrey of Kinch Designs did a fabulous job! 
What do yall think?
Are we liking the new design?
I feel like it does a better job of reflecting what I had in mind for this blog originally.
It's more simple than the other one.
But it still is fun and interesting.
I didn't give her much to work with, but she took the little that I did offer up
and made it so much more than I could have hoped for. 

Have a fabulous Tuesday muffins. 


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Packed and Loaded

Can we just all agree packing can learn to do itself?
I mean, phones can basically function on their own now,
why can't my clothes learn to put themselves in a suitcase?
Oooh, or wash themselves?
 But, mostly pack themselves.
Same goes for bedding.
And whatever else I packed.
Do you see where I'm going here?
Wait, maybe not.
I'm packing.
Or packed now. 

All of my boxes of stuff are in a pile in the dining room.
My mother is pleased.
I moved my mess from my room to downstairs.
Just the way she likes it. 
And then tomorrow it goes downstairs and into the car.
And then it will be put in my shiny new apartment.
Scratch that.
It's not shiny.
Or new.
So my new-to-me apartment. 

That's right.
I'm headed back up to school. 
I seriously am so excited.
This summer has been way too crazy and way too boring.
All at the same time. 
I'm not really ok with the mixture.
Either way I lost sort of.

And I'm also so bittersweet about leaving the kids I've been babysitting.
They're too precious.
I wish I could stay and work for them all year.
Who needs college, right?

Well, enough of all this sad stuff.
 I'm headed off on a nine hour drive.
Catch ya later, friends. 

PS. I never leave the state.
Take that New England.
Tejas is bigger than all of you combined. 
Check it.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Fat Kid Syndrome

Wait you guys.
I just won a giveaway.
Can I even explain how cool that is?
I seriously enter a million giveaways a month.
I've been trying so hard to win.
Not even for the prize.
Just to be like:
"Oh yeah, well I won a giveaway and you didn't. Nananana" 
As you can see, I'm a really humble winner.

So this giveaway.
It was a $40 giftcard to Tookies
It's this super adorbs sweets shop.
And have I ever mentioned I have the biggest sweet tooth?
This girl downed a package of Oreos like the world was ending yesterday.
I'm ashamed and a little proud.
But mostly curious why I'm not obese yet.
With the amount of treats I consume and the lack of exercise, 
by my calculations I should be a million pounds.
It was an exact calculation.
I've got this whole algebra thing in the bag. 
Wait, so I'm pretty sure this means I don't have a sweet tooth.
I have an addiction. 
Or un-diagnosed diabetes. 
Either one. 

Back to what I was saying. 
They have cookie sandwiches, cake in a jar, 
marshmallows, s'mores in a jar. 
Basically those dreams you have where you eat everything in site
and it all tastes incredible. Hm, maybe that's my fat kid syndrome.
Does everyone have these dreams?
Well, my dreams made a website.
It's called Tookies

In other news, this ole blog 'o mine is in need of a spruce up.
Which really means I'm bored with my design and I want it to be better.
Which means I'm getting a new one. 

Friday, August 3, 2012

Just Because

Sometimes in life, it's necessary to ride a squirrel.
And sometimes, you face plant.
And most of the time, your family will take pictures while you're falling.

It's all a part of living.
Go have a happy, squirrel-filled Friday.
Preferably the kind with a spring attached.
If you try to ride a real squirrel, I'd make sure you get a rabies shot first. 
But then have at it friends. 
I wish you the best of luck. 

PS. If your name is Heather and you blog at Sweet Southern Sass you 
just won yourself the Impressions giftcard. Whoop. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Naked Blogging

You perverts.
I'm totally wearing clothes.

Shirt & Belt-Target//Shorts-Nordstrom Rack 

I was totally planning on doing a 
"What I Wore Wednesday" Post
and being all fashion-y and stuff,
but then I got busy cleaning which is very unlike me...
My room has been in the same state of mess since May.
It's August now.
It was getting a little pathetic.
Well, now 4 bags of trash and 4 hours later
I have a halfway cleaned room & a what I wore post a day late.
So nothing out of the ordinary.
{Aside from that whole cleaning thing..}
Have an excellent day after Wednesday.