Thursday, January 26, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Let's talk about the craziness that has happened this week today.


1. Lubbock, as you may know, is a very windy place.
I think it may be a close second to Chicago, which I'm assuming is very windy considering it's known as the "windy city".
Today was one of those extra windy days.
The kind where your hair covers your face and you almost die by walking into a pole which you narrowly avoided.
Well, since it was so windy, the doors were being held shut by the wind.
I tried everything.
I pushed.
I leaned against it with all my weight.
I took a mini running start and slammed into it.
Nothing would open this door.
Unknown to me, there were three architecture students standing and watching my innovative ways to try and open this door. Apparently, I'm hilarious.
Anyways, I finally got it open.
And by that I mean, one of the architecture boys opened it for me.
Either way, I got through the door.

2. I'm taking an art history class this semester and we are learning about the cave paintings.
Riveting, I know.
Anyways, my teacher {an older woman} was speculating about why the people of the time would draw such detailed things. And then proceeded to tell us that she suspected it was because they used the caves to get high and then they would draw their hallucinations. No one had a clue if she was being serious or trying to relate to our generation by making drug references.

3. In interior design, we are learning how to letter. Lettering is the handwriting used by designers and architects on the building plans. So, we were given an assignment to write a bunch of definitions using lettering. I spent two hours preparing my page to start writing and as I was beginning, I realized the page needed to be moved down on the table so I could reach it more easily. Well, in attempting to pull the page off the table, I ripped an entire chunk off. Two hours of work completely ruined.


1. The past three days, I've been getting my lunch from a sandwich place on campus.
The past three days, the same lady has checked me out.
Well I handed her my meal card to pay and she said it was free.
Apparently, she was feeling very generous today
Nothing like a free sandwich to make your day!

2. Yesterday, I designed the coolest poster ever and I totally wanted to share a picture with you.
But the file was 15,600 MB and was way too large to email or upload.
Just imagine the coolest poster you've ever seen.
Now think of it 10 times more awesome.
Yeah, it was better than that.

There ya have it.
The best and craziest parts of my week.
Until tomorrow puddin' pops!

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Alana Christine said...

I hate the wind! I can't wear lip gloss when it's windy or my hair will inevitably get stuck in it! The door thing sounds like somethin I'd do!