Monday, January 30, 2012

Eight reasons..

..why your life exponentially improves when you're my friend.
1. I do anything for my friends.
And I do mean anything.
Sneaking out of my dads at 2 am 'cause you're having a crisis? Check.
Wasting about 40 bucks in gas to pick you up from work everyday? Check.
Driving you across town to buy a fish? Check.

2. I like to do fun stuff.
Like wander around target.
Fun stuff, I tell you.

3. I share things well.
Unless they are really cool things.
Or really tastey things.
Then I very reluctantly give you a little bit.
Still sharing?

4. I'm hilarious through text message and midly funny in person.

5. I'm kind of ridiculous.
All the time.
Unless we have just recently met.
Then I'll probably be normal.
But holding back ridiculous comments in my head.

6. My friendships last forevah, yo.
Just ask Dani.
We're goin' on like 13 years now.
All because of kindergarten.

7. I like hugs.
And I give them generously.

8. I'm pretty sure I give good advice.
I mean no one's ever seriously been damaged by my suggestions, so I'm fairly certain that means it's good.

PS. this post is not me begging you to be my friend.
(Eh, ok, maybe a little bit)
But you totally should.

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Breanna Hohenstein said...

hahaha :) Cute post! I love blog friends!