Thursday, March 29, 2012

Social Media is Taking Over the World

Ok, so here's the thing.
I think the internet is great.
I spend a vast majority of my time on it.
But what I don't think is great is Facebook, Twitter, and sites such as that.
In the past few months, social media sites have done nothing but cause 
hurtful situations in my life.

What happened to me isn't the end of the world or anything,
but it was "technically" cyber bullying.
And the problem is, I had absolutely no way to defend myself.
And it took away the things that I thought were good about these social 
media sites.

I'm not writing this for you to feel sorry for me.
I just want to say, that I think our generation would 
be better off without these things.

I know that every generation has had it's problems.
But I feel like these social media sites are creating more problems for teenagers than 
they are bringing good.
Teenagers spend their entire lives sitting in front of a computer screen.
It takes away from time that could be spent with people who are right in front of us.
And I think that opens us up to being hurt in ways that people haven't been before.

I know that a lot of good can come from these sites.
You can stay connected with friends and family that are far away.
You can make someones day with a kind word on their wall
or a thoughtful tweet to them.
And that is awesome.

But I think someone just needs to teach people how to use it the right way.
To be smart about what they're doing with their time.
If I think about it, I would have so much more time in a day if I never turned on my computer.
I wouldn't be afraid to open my twitter or facebook worrying that 
someones going to hurt me again.
I would be more productive.
I could be closer to the people in my life.
I honestly think I'd be happier.

But it's the forum that everyone uses these days to keep in touch.
Or to send important information out about events or meetings.
It would be virtually impossible to delete my Facebook and still know what 
was going on in my organizations or groups I'm involved in.

I wish that there was a way to change the things that people do on the internet.
I wish it could do nothing but boost people up rather than tear them down.
Hopefully, someday it can.

Until tomorrow lovebugs. 


Anonymous said...

Be the change that you want for the world and maybe the rest will follow. Love you. You always amaze me.

Bettina said...

I agree with some of this, there definitely needs to be s balance. But staying connected with my family through Facebook helps us when we can finally meet in person. We know more about each others lives and are closer because of it.

Ashley said...

agreed! its a shame that people abuse things that are so great. its always gonna happen though. thanks for shedding some light, girl!

Emily said...

I absolutely agree with you. People feel like they can say whatever they want just because they have a computer separating them from the person they're being mean to. I'm sorry that happened to you. Keep your chin up beautiful :)