Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Family time in LBK

Hello everyone.
I've missed writing these past few days.
I've been having some really crazy thoughts
that I thought would make for a really great post,
but life got in the way of me finding the time to writing them down.
I hate it when life does that.

as y'all know my family was here this past weekend.
Originally, my cousin had a volleyball tournament.
But then it worked out that Mom's weekend for ADPi
was also last weekend.

Sometimes timing is just too perfect.

So everyone came.
I showed them campus.

I showed them our ADPi Lodge.

We watched my cousin kick some butt at volleyball.
Her team took silver.
It was pretty cool to watch her play.
She's really great.
{Future Red Raider volleyball?}

Then we had Italian food in a barn.

It was delish.
And I mean really really delicious.

I really loved having them here this weekend.
I wish we could've taken a whole family picture for me to post.
Oh well. Guess it'll have to wait till next time. 
I can't wait for Colorado this summer when we will all be back together.

Have a happy Tuesday everyone.

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