Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Vacay, Vacay, Vacay

In the interest of full disclosure, I did write this for a guest post back in March.
I changed a few things in it to make it more applicable to whats going on right now.
But it took a ton of work to write it and I love it so here we go:

I'm going to tell you about my favorite vacation.
But see this is a toughy.
There are so many to choose from.

I would want to tell y'all about last spring break when I spent four days down in Matagorda. 
It was four days of sleeping in which was so nice! 
 While it was pretty great, I got strep throat so bad I couldn't close my mouth.
Or breath deeply
Or sneeze.

I could tell you about the time I went to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons.
But I slammed my finger in the car door and was forced to shove it in the snow for thirty minutes.
{PS.. it was June. There was snow}

I could also tell you about the summer I went to Albuquerque
 to visit my grandparents for a few weeks.
But I got glitter in my eye and spent a night in the hospital
 having doctors numb my eye and shine bright lights in it.

I could tell you about the time I went to California with my Dad and my brother.
Which was fun, except that I shared a room with my dad who snores louder than a jack hammer.
Oh and we saw whales
Which was awesome, until everyone on the boat got seasick except for me and my dad.

So I guess since all of those are out, I'll tell you about the two that are really great.

1. My trip to Europe.
We went to Germany, Austria, Hungary, and the Czech Republic.
We saw historic churches, historic buildings, historic cities.
We ate good food.
And I used a little bit of my German.
(Ordering an ice cream cone counts, right?)

2. Summer in Colorado
 Every summer for the past three years, my mom, brother, and I go to Crested Butte, Colorado.
We stay in a house with my grandparents, my aunt, uncle, and cousins. 
It's an entire week or two of doing whatever we want.
We go for walks, we go to the lake, we hang out at the house, we see movies.
Basically, it's a weekend in the Mountains surrounded by the sun.
And time with family.
I can't imagine a better summer vacation.

Which is why I'm so stoked to get my butt back
in CO in 10 days.
I can't wait.
I am mostly excited to get away from my computer
& to turn off my phone and just hang out with my family. 
And I'll be turning 19 during my time away.
So you better believe I'm pumped. 

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Michell said...

Can't wait to be in CB with you!! We'll sleep in, shop, eat, make smores, be lazy and have lots of fun. Oh yah, we'll celebrate your birthday too!