Monday, July 2, 2012

Weekend Update

Hi, hi. 
Do you ever have those weekends where you do absolutely nothing 
and don't care at all?
I certainly did this weekend.
It was raining and dreary and I spent pretty much all of it sleeping.
I didn't open my computer for four straight days.
A bit of an accomplishment of mine.
But sometimes I think it's necessary to just kind of unplug.
I hate being attached to my iPhone in the hopes of a 
text message that may or may not come. 
It makes me feel pathetic and lonely.
And those are two things which I hate feeling. 
As do, I'm assuming, the majority of the population.
So I gave myself a few days off and I really enjoyed.

And now we are already into July.
My birthday Month.
The one year anniversary of my blog.
And I've got some really big things planned.
Plus, I'm sponsoring some of my favorite blogs ever! 
Which is awesome y'all. 

What I'm most excited for is my week of vacation.
I'm headed to Crested Butte, Colorado.
I am beyond excited. 
{This picture was taken in 2010 before I chopped my hair off}
It's become sort of a family tradition.
For the past three years we've done this.
And I am so looking forward to going back.

I am also so looking forward to a break from the usual.
And a break from the Texas heat & Houston humidity. 

But what this means is I will be gone from July 20-29.
Which means my blog will be a little empty unless by some magic
I get enough inspiration to schedule that many posts ahead of time.
And lets be honest.. that will (most likely) never happen.
So what I'm saying here, is if you just happen to feel like writing an extra post,
ya know just because, and then you just happen to feel like sending it to me,
you can land yourself a guest posting spot.
So hit me up, yo. 

July is going to be an exciting month.
I can't wait to see what's in store for us. 

1 comment:

20 Going on 80 said...

I love love love lazy weekends. Like seriously I could stay in my apartment for days with no human contact and be content. Some say boring, I say heavenly.

Can't wait to see what July has in store on here! I'm loving having you on the blog this month! Let me know if you need a guest post while you're gone...I'm sure I can filter my ramblings into something, if needed :)