Sunday, October 14, 2012

Last Weekend

Today I'm gonna do a recap.
Of last weekend.
So, I'm just a week late.
It's not a big deal...
Better late than never, right?

Last weekend, I finally got to use my birthday present from my friends.
See, they bought me a ticket to visit them in Austin, TX.
They all go to UT so it was the perfect gift since I got to see all of them at once.
I flew out on Friday morning.
Bright & early at 6:25..
But it was ok.
It meant I got to spend more time there.

Friday, they showed me around ATX a little bit, and I hung out at their apartment.
Then that night, we celebrated.
One of my best friends just got her American citizenship.
So they threw a red, white, and blue party to celebrate.

It was so much fun.
Everything was themed and it was so cute. 
And apparently red, white, and blue, is an easy theme since every single guest was dressed up.

Saturday, we went to breakfast at this cute restaurant on the water. 
And then we saw Pitch Perfect. 

Sunday, I had to leave.
It was sad since it was such a great weekend
 and I rarely get to see them anymore since I live so far away now,
but sometimes returning home is the best part of a vacation.
It's good to get back into the flow of your daily life after a great weekend with best friends.

Well, until my normal was messed up this week due to an ear infection..
It kicked my butt this week and I was basically knocked out for two days.
I am feeling much better now, but I am still not up to par. 
Hopefully by tomorrow I'll be back at 100%. 
Now just to get on top of all the work I missed being sick.. 

Being in Austin last weekend made me realize something.
As much as I would love to go to school with all of my closest friends and be much closer to home,
I am exactly where I am supposed to be.
Austin is a very cool place, but Lubbock feels more like home to me.
I see myself here and I love every moment of my life here.
I miss my friends dearly, but I know that my life is working out the way that it is supposed to.


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Tansy said...

love you and miss you! <3