Monday, July 11, 2011

And now introducing...

Well blogging world, here we go.
Let my introduce myself.

I'm Natalie.
I'm from a little place known as Sugar Land, Texas.
I have a 15 year old brother named Conor. My parents are divorced.
In the fall, I shall be moving up to Lubbock, Texas, and attending Texas Tech.
I lead a pretty average life. Nothing too extraordinary here.

{Here's a little background info to prove my point}

1. Birth: Concord, California. We moved to Sugar Land, TX, a mere six weeks later. I've been in the
          house ever since.

2. Age 3: First ever dance class. Soon to consume my entire life.

3. Age 4-17: Dance, dance, dance, and more dance. Here's the breakdown 
 Time spent with family: 20%
 Time spent with friends:
 Time spent sleeping: 20% 
 Time spent dancing: 50%

4. Age 17: Dance ends, blog begins.

So as we can see, dance is all I've ever known. Don't worry, I did have a few spare
moments in there to try other things such as swimming, soccer, and my personal favorite
tae kwan doe. However, my COMPLETE lack of hand-eye coordination always led me right back to dance.

Well, I guess that's it, my entire life in a nutshell. Kinda boring, huh?
I promise I'm slightly more intresting than my life has been up to this point. At least I would sure hope so. 

To prove it to ya here are few of my favorite things:

Making lists, peaches, reality tv (I know, I know.. It's super trashy, but it's so entertaining), sunflowers, dark chocolate peanut m&m's, getting pedicures, writing, being in the sun, laughing, spending time with my sweet mommy, swimming, chick-fil-a, traveling, bows, taking pictures, toms shoes, diet coke, reading books, awkward moments, playing fetch my doggy, Gilmore Girls, cooking, and baking. 

There ya have it, the things that make me happy. See, I'm not a complete loser (although, I'm sure my brother would disagree).

Now, you may be asking,"what's a sheltered little girl like you doing blogging with the big girls and boys?". This my friends is an excellent question and here is your answer:

I want a place to share with you all the things that make this life a little
brighter. I believe no matter how old we are we are still growing up. I'm
only a teenager but I have big thoughts and dreams. I'm far from being perfect,
but I think that makes things more fun. I hope that this blog will help
me share with you my journey in learning more about this crazy little thing
called living.

PS. I'm not the best speller in the world and there are bound to be mistakes. Please bear with me!

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Tansy Stobart said...

yay i can comment now [:
I love you nat and this is amazing, keep it up girl <3