Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Why hello there!

Here's a super awesome story for you. Ok, maybe not super awesome but certainly exciting. Now.. Let me preface this story by saying that due to my being 17, I have not had much expierence with bar fights or things of that nature. That said, this story is probably way more exciting to people who do not have past history of being around when fights break out in resturants. Now on to the story.

Two weeks ago, my mom and I went to Vegas for my last national dance competition (I told you.. it was my whole life). We stayed at the Flamingo. 

And these are the flamingos. Pretty awesome, my friends.

Anyways, one morning we got up and went downstairs to get some breakfast. She got some cinnamon roll french toast also known as heaven in a breakfast food. I was boring and got potatoes.  We were sitting there chatting and enjoying our nice quiet breakfast, when a man (let's name him Mark) a few tables away begins drinking A1 steak sauce (Drugs? most definitely..). Well, apparently Mark finished off the steak sauce because he began shouting loudly at his waiter requesting another drink. Certainly what he needed most. He was yelling some awfully profane things that do not need to be repeated especially on this little blog. Now, the couple sitting at the table next to him were offended by Mark's language as were most people in the vicinity. The older man (we'll call him Richard) requested that Mark please contain himself. At this point, the drugs overcame him and Mark angrily sprang to his feet pushing all of the items on his table onto the floor, flipped over a table, and began shouting at the Richard. Now, the situation would most likely have been solved resonably had the Mark not escalated the conversation by spitting on poor Richard. Well, little did we know, Richard has a fighting streak in him. As Mark takes off out the resturant, not before throwing a metal coffee pot at an innocent waitress, Richard tears off after him. Three men at a table nearby spot all of the commotion and sprint out of the resturant after Richard and Mark. Richard and the three men tackle Mark to the ground, pinning him there until security can get there. This is where the excitment of the trip ends.

So, pretty awesome, right? My momma and I certainly thought so.

Other awesome events of the trip

Look LIONS! (they're in the background.. I am clearly not a lion)

Close up lions.

We found these lions by accident, while trying to figure out how to ride the monorail. It just so happened we arrived right when the lion trainer was giving his presentation. Awesome accidental timing on our part if you ask me.

M&M world. I got me some dark chocolate peanut!

I've never seen so much relating to M&M's in my life, but man was I in heaven. By the way, three floors of M&M related things is a lot of stuff. And when I say a lot.. I mean it. They even had a 3D M&M movie. Overkill? Maybe a little.

Petting a sting-ray. Super cool, yo.

We walked for probably a mile through Mandalay Bay to find this aquarium. It's hidden in the back corner if you're curious.. But anyways, I pet a sting-ray. I was feeling pretty cool.

And that plus 3 days of dancing was our trip to Vegas.
Awesome, dude.

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