Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Temporary Unwanted Break

Hi guys and gals.
Ladies and gents.
Boys and girls.
Yeah, you get the point.
Well, sad news for me this morning..
I missed Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday yet again..
I should be more on top of what day of the week it is.
Since I missed it, here's a find from this week:

San Giulio, Italy.
I wish Keegs and I could be there right now. SO pretty!

The reason for my accidental disappearance was that I was at a sleepover with my girls.

The last one before the four of us head on off to college.
It was fun.
We watched all our favorite movies (including Spice World because, really, what is a sleepover with no Spice Girls?) and ate ice cream and cookies.
It was fun. Although I'm a super lame-o and fell asleep while watching one of the movies. It was like 1 AM.. Basically, I'm pathetic. I had a good time and it was a great way to end our time together for now. It's probably the last time we will all be together until Thanksgiving.

Today is my last day at home and I said I wasn't going to blog today because I should be enjoying this time with my man, but I decided to take the time to let you awesome people know that it will probably be a few days before I can find the time to blog again. Like the title says, A Temporary Unwanted Break...

So while I'm gone be looking forward to these awesome things:

1. I'll be showing you all my dorm room whenever I finish decorating and unpacking and such.

2. I will be filling you in on all the details involving move-in day and the drive up there (don't get too excited for this one.. probs won't be so interesting)

3. Once Rush is finished I'll tell you all about what sorority I'm in and other such things.

Ok, so they're not so awesome, but thats what I'll be doing for the next few days while you people are going about your normal daily routines.

Now, I'm going to go enjoy the rest of the day with my boy and my family. I'll try not to cry my eyes out too much (oh, wait, that's impossible).

Have a great weekend everyone! I'll talk to ya in a few days.

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Janice Wong said...

yay! i'm so honored that i get to make an appearance on your blog :) haha. i love you and i can't wait to catch up with you!! good luck with everything. you are one of the hardest working people i know and i am so proud to call you my friend! sending you all my love from atx <3