Thursday, August 25, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

Hello, hello!
I'm so happy to be back to blogging.
I've missed y'all so much.
I thought today to share some of my first college expierences I would do a little thing I like to call Awkward & Awesome. Ok, so I'm not original enough to come up with this idea. Some one else's creative mind did it for me. But I'm just gonna go ahead and roll with it. Read on, yo.


1. Getting locked out:
So this past week I've been going through Rush.
 Yesterday was the last night of  going to the houses and we were supposed to wear a cocktail dress.
I was running a little late when I was getting dressed so I was kind of majorly stressin'.
 I started to zip up my dress but realized I couldn't get it all the way.
 I stepped out of my room to ask a girl for help.
 As I did this, the door closed behind me with all of my things (including my keys) still in the room.
Big "uh oh" moment for me.
 I had to sprint downstairs in my cocktail dress with no shoes on and grab my lock out key.
 Then since I forgot my ID, I had no way of getting back into the hall and had to stop a passerby and beg him to open the door for me.
He was nice enough to do so.
Although at this point I think he was slightly embarassed by me since everyone in the lobby was staring at the girl in her super nice dress without shoes on the verge of tears.
Once inside the door, I had to wait on the elevator. (Trust me, it's the slowest elevator in the world)
I finally was able to get on the elevator.
At this point I was so thankful to be alone and have people stop judging me.
This was all fine and dandy until the power surged while I was in the elevator.
The elevator bounced a couple times and the lights stayed out for a few seconds.
I was stuck.
Then once the power kicked back on, I had to ride it all the way to the top and back down before the doors would open on my floor.
It was a scary couple of minutes for me.
Basically everyone in my dorm probably thinks I'm a crazy person and, really, I don't blame them one bit.
But it was definitely an awkward way to start off my day...

2. Climbing over people:
Seriously, don't you just hate it when the only open seats are in the middle of a row and you have to climb over everyones legs and whatever belongings they may have with them?
I sure do.
My first class today had 460 people in it..
Talk about intimidating on your first day of college.
I took the very last open seat in the enitre lecture hall.
 The poor people who came in behind me were forced to sit on the floor or the stairs.
Good thing the fire marshall didn't choose today to stop by.

3. Looking like a freshman:
After I climbed over like 20 people, I settled in my seat and took out my notebook and a pen.
The girl next to me turns and stares for a moment.
Then she said:
 "You're a freshman, aren't you?"
Like I wasn't already feeling awkward after climbing on top of this girl..
Now she can tell I'm a freshman.
Man... apparently my emotions are super easy to read.
She knew that I had no idea what was going on or how I should act.
It's ok though. She was acutally kind of helpful.
So despite the fact that she made me feel little, I was glad I chose the seat next to her.


1. Chinese Food & Sweet Tea
My first night of fending for myself, I was too scared to go to the dining hall by myself.
 So I stayed in my room and had pop tarts for dinner.
Super nutritional, I know.
When, I finally got the guts up to go downstairs and see what they had, I was so sad I had pop tarts the first day.
There is such yummy stuff down there.
I can have mexican, chinese, pizza, hamburgers, sandwiches, salads, and all sorts of other things without even leaving my dorm.
I also discovered the have my favorite iced tea in the world.
It's called Gold Peak Tea.
If you haven't had it, go find some place that serves it and get yourself some.
Your taste buds will thank you.
And then proceed to beg for more and more.
Until you're so full of tea, you're about to pee your pants.
At least that's how it went for me.

2. Beach Volleyball
Ok, so generally I am terrible at any sport that require hand eye coordination, running, or a ball.
This said, when some of the girls in my hall invited me to go outside and play volleyball with them, I was very hesitant to agree.
I decided:
"Why not go and just watch? It won't hurt, plus you'll make some new friends"
Well, this plan did not work out because they didn't have enough people to play without me.
So this girl was in there with all the rest of 'em.
I was so scared.
But, then I discovered, I don't suck.
I was actually kind of good.
No, like really good.
I'm pretty much a pro now.
(Totally kidding, I still almost hit myself in the face with the ball)
Even though I still am terrible, I had fun, so for now I'm pretty stoked about it.

3. College Professors
Today was my first day of classes.
I walked in with no concept of what it was going to be like.
Thankfully, I got a professor with a good sense of humor.
At least, what seemed to be a good sense of humor.
We'll see as the semester progresses. 
Anyways, that's not the reason I am including this in the awesome section.
The part that made me laugh today was actually a very serious point in his lecture.
He was going over our syllabus and his expectations.
Listed among things like:

- be respectful
- come to class
-take notes


"Do not chew tobacco in class"

I'm sure this was an issue in a previous class of his, but I sure got a kick out of imagining all the girls around me with big wads of dip in their mouths.

4. Reba
Does anyone remember this show?
 I used to love watching Reba.
 Today after class, I was reading "country's biggest stars" edition of people today and saw Reba's picture.
This made me really want to watch her show.
 Netflix was disc only which was super disappointing.
Time for that higher level college thinking.
Also called plan B or I guess Hulu works too...
I'm going to stick with just plan B because it makes me feel smart.
Anyway, those awesome folks at Hulu had it!
Ive already watched 3 episodes today.
This was maybe not the best idea if I want to get anything accomplished.
But it's been keeping me entertained.

Have an awesome day.
Im so pumped to be back.

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I'd be so excited for you.

Alrighty, bye kids.

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