Friday, September 16, 2011

Hello Rain, Goodbye Warmth

Let me just start this off by saying that this week and next week are crazy.
Seriously crazy.
I have three tests and a paper due next week.
I'm drowing in studying.
And reading.

Since I know you people are tired of hearing me rant about college let's change it up a little.

So there's this song.
It's called She's Like Texas.
It's by the wonderful Josh Abbott Band.

My boy got me hooked on this song.
There's this line in it that goes:

"Her moods can change like the weather out in Lubbock, but if you show her love, man she'll return it"

You know, I always thought this line was sweet.
I didn't understand the truth behind it.
Mother Nature in Lubbock is one moody chick.
Some one get her some chocolate.
I blogged a while ago about the nice weather in Lubbock.
That lasted all of two days.
Then it went back to being gross and hot.

I guess it's Mother Nature's time of the month because she decided that it should now go back to being cool weather, but this time not nice.
I woke up yesterday and it was raining.
And I don't mean just a little rain.
We had lakes forming on campus.
It got to be a little ridiculous.
Along with the rain came some intense wind.
Oh and 60 degree temps.

In Houston, 60 degrees isn't all that cold.
So I got myself out of bed, pulled on a t-shirt and my rain jacket, grabbed my favorite pair of shorts, and slipped my feet into my rain boots.

These are sort of what my boots look like except they're all little different!

Clearly, shorts were where this wardrobe choice went terribly wrong.
No one ever metioned to me that 60 degrees when it's rainy and windy, isn't nice at all.
I was shivering as I walked to class.
Not fun.
By the end of my 15 minute walk, my fingers were blue and my teeth were chattering.

Needless to say, I learned my lesson.
At least I thought.
The conditions were more or less the same this morning so I put on the same basic outfit, plus pants, minus shorts.
By the end of the 15 minute walk this time, I was sweating.
Basically, no luck for me when it comes to dressing for weather in Lubbock.

Hopefully, I'll get better considering it gets cold here.
Real cold.
We're talking negative temperatures here people.
I'm getting scared.
My wardrobe is not equipped for these extreme winter situations.
Truthfully, my wardrobe isn't even equipped for the artic temperatures that I encounter on a daily basis in my dorm room. I'm wearing two shirts, sweatpants, socks, slippers, and a blanket right now and I'm still cold. I need new clothes. I'm really wishin' I had some hot chocolate right about now.

I hope you all are warmer than I am.
Love to you all.

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