Thursday, September 8, 2011

Yup, It's Friday {almost}

I've been an awful blogger as of late.
I've missed it so much.
This is my I miss you face.
It's also my sad-because-I-just-ate-rasins-on-accident face.
I don't like them.
Most of the time.

But really, I've been running around like a crazy person lately.
Eh, sort of.

Although, I do have some super fun exciting awesome news.

This news is:

I am now a member of the Tech Activities Board.

Or, ya know, just TAB.
We do all the plannin' and fun stuff on campus.
This would be my super excited face.
Also the I'm-glad-my-roommate-isn't-here-to-judge-me-while-I-take-pictures-of-myself face.

Alright, on top of that, this bookworm just got a 100 on her first reading quiz.


Today was an awesome day.

Although, I'm not gonna lie. There were two bad moments.
Hm, maybe three.

Bad moment number one:
Attempting to get coffee

So this morning I woke up extra early on a day I have an 8 o'clock class to go get coffee
I'm all pumped, ya know?
Got my cute little monogramed coffee cup.
I stroll on into the coffee/breakfast place like I own it and walk right into a man who works there.
Apparently I had just ignored a little sign that said "Hours 8-7"
But, come on, this is dumb people.
What about us crazy people who sign up for 8 am classes?
We need our coffee the most.

Well then I go over to another place.
They're out.
Today was just not a good morning for finding coffee.

I settled for diet coke.

Bad moment number dos:

Ok, so I'm already sleepy because I stayed up late the night before and now I couldn't have my coffee. I arrive at class and pick a seat in the 3rd row.
Let me just remind you.
The 3rd row.
There's about 40 rows.
The girl in front of me immediately whips out her computer.
Instead of taking notes like all the other kids.
She gets on skype.
Now people in front of me on facebook are distracting enough but skype, really?
Then, her boyfriend calls.
And decides that 8 am is the perfect time for dancing.
He then procedes to put down his computer and march around wherever he was and do a little dance for the girl and the 9 rows behind her.
Not cool.
Although, your dance was hilarious.
Take up another hobby.
Then they called each other back and forth for the rest of the class.

So to the girl in Government at 8 am:

Please do not sit in the 2nd row if you want to skype with other people.
Move to the back.
Or wait until after class.

Angry chick behind you.

Bad moment number 3:

After class, I was feeling a little exhausted after trying to pay attention despite all the distractions goin' on. I decided to go grab some coffee. This time I was successful in getting coffee.
However, I was way too pumped about having coffee to remember that it's hot.
Dumb, I know.
I took a sip the minute it was in my cup.
I'm pretty sure I burned off the top layer of my esophagus.

Have a good weekend friends.
I'll get better at blogging everyday again soon.
In the meantime, tell all your friends how much you love reading about all the super exciting (or really boring) things I talk about.
Peace out, homes.

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