Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Howdy, howdy, howdy.
I'm sure at times in your life you have played on of those games where you have to tell everyone something interesting about yourself.
I'm going to let you in on a little secret, I can never come up with anything interesting about myself.
I promise I am an interesting person.
I like to think so at least.
But when it comes to ice breaker games and fun facts about myself.
I am the most boring person in the world.
This is not in any way an exaggeration.

So I thought if I'm so terrible at this in real life, maybe I should come up with some solid interesting facts about myself that I can spout out whenever anyone asks.

I am completely obsessed with reality tv.
More specifically the Kardashians.
I know, it's trash, but it's super duper entertaining.
Judge me all you want right now.

I like to plan things.
It doesn't really matter what it is, I just like planning stuff.
My wedding is somewhat mapped out in my head already.

Pinterest is my actual best friend.
Don't worry, I have real friends too.
I just enjoy spending time with Pinterest.

I'm really indecisive so I don't have very many favorite things.
Except for dark chocolate peanut m&m's.

I love reading and watching things about Home Improvement.
I especially love Better Homes and Gardens Magazine.
If one day I can keep my house as clean and pretty as theirs, I will be happy (or on drugs).
This will most likely never ever happen. 

I can't do the number three on my right hand without it looking like a claw.
I don't know what's wrong with me.

I have a huge thing for Mac and Cheese.
I could it eat it every meal.
Except that I'm slightly lactose intollerant, so really I can't.
But a girl can dream.

I love watching movies.
But I haven't seen very many.
I love recommedations though (hint, hint).

See I'm a little bit interesting.
Get excited for tomorrow when I get to spend some time with my best friend Pinterest.