Thursday, October 6, 2011

Christmas in Octoboer

Today is going to be a great day.
A day so good that I can't help but be happy.
I know this for two reasons.
The first is that my eight a.m. class was let out 40 minutes early because my teacher didn't post his notes.
The second (and way more exciting) reason is that there are Christmas lights going up on campus.
Heck yes.
Christmas is by far my absolute favorite holiday.
Even though it's only October I am already so excited.
The lights seriously made my day.

I also know it's going to be great because tomorrow this college kid gets to go home for the first time!
I can't wait.

I miss my bed.
And my shower.
And my dog.
And my mom.
And Keegan.

I am so happy I get to see them all again!

And now, it's time to Pin.
Christmas edition.
Even though it was supposed to be yesterday.
(I won't tell anyone if you won't.)

so pretty


My favorite winter movie!

Solar christmas lights

yes please!

Merry Christmas in October

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