Thursday, October 13, 2011

Oh Pinterest.

Sup guys.
I have some serious trouble getting my days right on these link parties.
We're talking seriously serious here.
I'm always exactly one day late.
But today,
even though I really really want to share my finds from Pinterest
 with you lovely people I am refraining.

(Because I know you're all that shocked that you need a question mark, an exclamation point, and a huge font to indicate your shouting shockedness)

Because Natalie has a serious, serious pinning problem.
Even more serious than the problem of getting my days straight for the link ups.
So clearly, it's real serious.

Pinterest has single handedly made me obsessed with weddings, babies, houses, clothes  and nail polish.
(notice I said clothes not shopping, I don't think anything's going to change my feelings towards shopping)
Basically Pinterest has turned me into an actual girl.
See before, the only thing on that list I enjoyed was houses, now, I'm completely obsessed with everything girly imaginable (again, minus the shopping).
I used to be neutral when it came to girlish things.
In fact, I tried to avoid these things at all costs.
Not anymore, Pinterest. Not anymore.

Dear Pinterest and those who eagerly await my finds,
 I love you and will be back soon.
But right now, I need a break.
Before I go insane because I can't be planning a wedding,
or decorating a house,
or buying lots and lots of clothes.

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