Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lazy Sundays

Tomorrow I have a midterm.
I'm not worried about it but I would like to study for a couple hours.
However, I have this problem.
I am addicted to reruns of grey's anatomy on netflix.

This is going to sound stupid.
I am well aware of that, but hear me out.
But through watching this show I've learned a lot about myself.
The things I've learned about myself aren't stupid, but the method of learning them is a little bit.

1. I could never ever be a surgeon.

2.  I would be a complete mess if anyone close to me died.

3. I hate crying in public.

4. I hate that television can make me cry.

5.  I relate any thing (tv shows, songs, other peoples stories, etc) to my own life and then I feel it as if it were really happening.

6. I have a hard time being productive when there are hundreds of episodes to be watched.

So now I'm going to go watch another episode before I start my studying for today.
That way I'll have plenty of time to learn about public speaking before the test.
I hope you spend your day doing something as wonderful as laying in bed watching a good show.

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