Friday, January 6, 2012

All I do is win

Because let's face it.
I'm a winner.
My secret to success?
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So I was totally joking about the whole winning thing.
I very rarely win things.
I'm usually dead last.
I'm not even slightly motivated to work in order to win things.
I feel like I can't, so I don't try.
Talk about a messed up mindset, huh?

That's why I've decided to tack on a new resolution.
I think I can handle more than one.
At least I sure hope so, otherwise this whole winning thing is gonna be a big challenge.
Anyways, what brought about this desire to be better is the fact that everyday for the past week this has been my daily routinue:

1. Wake up
2. Watch TV
3. Take a nap on the couch
4. Consider getting dressed around 3 pm (generally decide against it)
5. Watch more TV
6. Hang out with Keegan
7. Play on my tablet
8. Sleep.

Talk about being a bum.

I'm pretty sure actual bums do more in a day than I've done in the past week.
My life is sad.
Which is why, I'm going to work to accomplish more every day and be more fit.
Now considering I've only ever worked out through dance, I'm not going to make any unrealistic promises to myself to exsercise. However, changing nothing about my daily routinue (other than quitting dance) I've managed to lose 15 pounds. So lets imagine where I could be if I actually put in some effort.

Here's to being a more productive version of myself.
Now, who's with me?

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