Saturday, January 7, 2012

"Reunited and it feels so good"

'Sup nuggets?
I hope you all imagined me wailing singing the title because thats definitely how it happened.
Speaking of nuggets.. chicken nuggets have a way of making my day.
Especially when they come from a little place called Chick-fil-a.
I desperately need to move to a place that doesn't have one of these puppies otherwise I'm going to die of a heart attack when I'm around 350 pounds. And we don't want that now do we?

And getting right to the point, today was pretty special.
You see, Keegan has a very interesting story.
Much different than the way I grew up.
The only thing is, it's not my story to tell.
Perhaps one day I'll let him take over and tell you all about it if he's up to it.
For now, I'm just going to tell you about what we did today.

Today we drove to Brenham, Texas.
Along the way, I rapped mumbled loudly to all of his awesome music.
He just turned it up and pretended not to hear my voice.

We were on our way to meet his real family.
(I should probably mention at this point, he was adopted at the age of 8)
He hadn't seen any of people we visited today since he was very small.

He saw his aunt and uncle.
His cousins.
His great-grandmother (aka Nanie).
His half-sisters (Kailyn and Kourtney).

Probably the most exciting for him was getting to see his dad.
The last time they were face to face was years ago.
From the things Keegan told me about his time with his dad, I gathered that Keegan really missed him even though he couldn't remember much.
And today I discovered why.
His dad is a really good guy.
And an awesome dad.
It meant a lot to be there with Keegan when he was reunited with his dad after so long.
I hope know they both enjoyed it.
And for both of their sake, I really hope it happens again soon.

These people were wonderful.
Typically, I'm terrible at meeting people, but today I felt right at home among strangers.
It was pretty great.
Plus I got a super cute ornament out of it.

Keegan, since I know you're reading, find a way to see your family again please.
And thank you for letting me be a part of this very special day.
It meant a lot to me.
Just like you do.

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