Sunday, January 15, 2012

Holy Moly, I'm An Oldie

This morning when I woke up I had all sorts of hair issues.
The first of them being that this is what my hair did overnight.
Maybe I stuck my finger in a socket in my sleep.
Ya know, thinking about it, my dream was pretty out there so that's actually a real possibility.
Anyways, as I was working through this hot mess, I discovered not one, but three gray hairs.
Yeah, you heard that right.
At the ripe old age of eighteen, this chick is going gray.

Like I said all sorts of hair problems.

Although, I do believe I found the reason for my hair turning gray.
Here he is:
That would be my kid brother behind the wheel of a Ford Excursion.
I was a nervous wreck.
Cue picture of me being scared out of my mind
Let's just say, the curb was his best friend and my worst nightmare.
He hit that sucker probably 25 times on the drive to our grandparents house.
Oh, and he dropped an open coke can resulting in a geyser of soda spewing all over the car {sad part is, he did this at a stop light so his bad driving couldn't even be blamed for it}.
It was impressively disastrous.

But as discovered earlier this week a little something sweet can fix any problem.
So the boyfriend took me to get some frozen yogurt.
Doesn't that yumminess make your mouth water?
And it's pretty low-fat.
Win-win boyfriend.

1 comment:

Alana Christine said...

bahahaha. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has crazy hair in the mornings!
Better get some hair dye hehehe ; )