Sunday, January 8, 2012

"Where you invest your love, you invest your life"

I am a Southern girl.
I mean really I do live in one of the biggest metropolitan areas in the country.
But it's in the South, so therefore I'm a Southern girl.
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But until a year or so ago, I did not want to be.
I wanted to get out of here more than anything.
I wanted to be a Northern girl.
I wanted to be a girl who every winter could wake up to my truck looking like this.
But see if I wasn't a Southern girl anymore, I wouldn't be driving my truck.
I wouldn't get to drive 9 hours and still be in the same state.
I wouldn't have the appreciation that I do for the wide open spaces I drive through from time to time.
I wouldn't love the smell of cows.
I wouldn't wish I'd stuck to horseback riding as a kid.
I definitely would down sweet tea like it's going out of style.
There are so many things I would miss if I moved out of my home state.
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If I wasn't a Southern girl, I wouldn't be me.
And now more than ever I'm realizing how lucky I am to have grown up in the South.
I can't imagine ever leaving this place.
And I invest all my love in being a Southern and I'm hoping my life can stay in this wonderful place.

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Alana Christine said...

I love being a Southern girl, too (Oklahoma). I can't imagine growing up any other way!