Thursday, February 2, 2012

Electronically Stunted

To say that computers and I do not get along would be a major understatement.
In fact, it's not just computers.
It's anything electronic.
If it has an on/off button, switch, etc., it will completely break down in my presence.
It legitimately makes me want to scream sometimes.
For example, I always love finding new blogs to follow.
It makes me happy and brightens my day to read about the lives of other people.
(What can I say? I'm a creep)
Anyways, in totally I'm probably following somewhere around 50 blogs.
But you'd never know it considering my blogger dashboard will only show me 17 of them.
Can we say messed up?
Messed up.
Also, my iPhone keeps freezing.
The screen on my tablet is glitchy.
Basically, my computer is the only thing working at this point, but even it is feeling a little questionable.

Someone please teach me how to not make things break.
I'd love you forever.
Or at least until something else broke.

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