Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fun Times in February.

Holy moly.

Can you believe it's already February?
This year is just flyin' by.
And this week is going way too fast.
I can't handle all this.
I'm gettin' old people.
See what I mean?
Just kidding.
I'm 18.
Last time I checked the only people who consider that old, are probably still in diapers.

Anyways, February holds lots of excitement.
Valentine's day.
It's a leap year so we get an extra day.
Oh, and this blogger is going to be a part of her favorite blog, Living in Yellow, all month long!
Seriously, go check her out.
She's hilarious.
She also has a crazy giveaway going on right now.

You could win some very cool stuff my friends.
And while you're over there, check out my face on the sidebar.
I'm only a little excited.
Now, enough of this.
Back to working on my projects.
Smell ya later, homes.

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