Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Intelligent Blonde

Hello lovebugs!
{The glasses I mentioned in yesterday's post.
 You can't see them but there are some super cute polka dots on the inside of the frames}

Today you are in for a treat.
A guest post!
Awww, yeahhhh.

My life has been a tad bit crazy lately.
Actually, incredibly crazy. I am just about losin' my mind.
Due to all this craziness, I decided we could all use a little change of pace.
And Ms. Alana from Life & Times of the Intelligent Blonde was sweet enough to tell us all about how she manages her buys, busy schedule.
Something I need to work on these days.
Take it away, my dear.


Time Management 101
Hey y'all, Alana here, from Life & Times of the Intelligent Blonde!
Today, y'all are gonna "learn" (I'm clever, I know) about how how I manage my time.  
I hate to be bored and thrive under pressure, so I tend to take on a little too much.  
I've done this for as long as I can remember.
Between my foster kids (appointments, daycare drop-offs/pick-ups, visits, and events), work, MBA schoolwork, church events, blogging, and any other random things I get volunteered for, my life is very chaotic.  
I've tried many, many time management methods over the years, and have finally discovered a system that works for me.  The arc customizable notebook is an efficient and cost effective way to stay organized.  (for the record, I have not been paid to advertise for them--I just really love this product haha)
Let's take a look at my notebook, shall we...
This notebook gives me the ability to keep everything I need in one place!
Above all else (whether you choose to utilize a planner or not),
I'd recommend writing down EVERYTHING you need to do, even if it's something that you consider to be mundane.  I typically write my to-do lists on a weekly basis because that's how my MBA classes are set up; however, when I'm super busy, I write to-do lists for each day.  
This allows me to better manage my time because I can see everything that needs to be done & can plan when to do each task.  
Plus, when I can check something off my list, I feel accomplished : )
If you don't like using a planner, you can always do what I did in college/still do when I feel super overwhelmed, write the to-do list on the top of your hand with a fine point Sharpie.
This way you can't possibly lose it, it won't easily wash off, and you will see it all the time.  
I must tell you, though, this method can get a little messy...
 I hope you guys will start using to to-do lists (if you don't already), because I swear by them!
Until next time, 
The Intelligent Blonde


She is just the sweetest. 
Go show her some love.
And notice her super cute layout.
And I honestly could not agree more! 

It's why I never go anywhere without mine.
Plus, mine covered in sail boats.
Although lately, my Lilly's been lacking a few things.
I just keep forgetting to write all my stuff down.
Then I forget to do my stuff.
It's not good.
So hello Lilly, goodbye chaos!
For next year, I've got my sights set on an Erin Condren Life Planner.
 They're a little pricey.. But so, so cute.
And clearly cuteness is where my priorities lie when it comes to planners. 
Later friends. 


Alana Christine said...

Thanks so much for having me!!

EC's are definitely cute, but sooo pricey...

Dana + Ryan said...

ECs are worth the price!!! Promise!