Monday, March 19, 2012

Back to reality

I've missed this.
Sorry I went AWOL for a few days.
I promise it won't happen again.
But here's the deal.
Last week was crazy.

I want to tell you all about how amazing Miranda Lambert was. 
And how I feel like her and I would be excellent friends in real life.
And the awesome free tickets my mom scored for us to Jason Aldean.
I mean look at how close we were.
And the crazy faces his drummer made.
Or how I tried fried cookie dough.
And how amazing it was.

But instead I'm going to tell you about what happened the last two days of my week off.
You see it always happens that when I have time off of school, I get sick.
There have been multiple Christmases, Thanksgivings, and Spring Breaks spent cuddled up on the couch watching movies while every one else enjoys the fun.

In fact this makes the second Spring Break in a row I've been sick.
Last year it was strep throat.
The worst strep throat I've ever experienced.
(Note to self, don't let your throat ache for a week before seeing a doctor)

This Spring Break.
I think it's just a cold.
However, it's a cold that's kicking my butt.

You see it came on fast.
Saturday I woke up feeling fine.
By the afternoon my body was aching.
By night I could hardly move.

When I woke up around 3 am
I decided it was time for medicine.
At the time it seemed like a smart decision.

So I walked to my bathroom only to discover there were no meds.
So I went downstairs.
Got a water bottle from the fridge.
Went to the kitchen.
As I opened the bottle the room started spinning.
I managed to take the ibuprofen.
Then I started to walk back to my room.
Looking back, attempting to move when the room is spinning was poor judgement on my part.
So I made it about four steps when every thing was moving too much.
So I fell.
Into the corner of a wall.
With my collar bone breaking my fall.

So now I'm not only sick, but I have a swollen lump on my bone.
These things are enough to knock me out.
They've officially gotten the best of me.
Time for bed.
At 7:30 pm. 


Ali-Cat said...

Hope you're feeling better! I've had a cold like that. Those kinds of colds are the worst. Like I'm telling you something you don't know! haha

Marci @ a smile a day said...

Just came across your blog on LIY. I went to Jason Aldean too-was planning on blogging about it tomorrow. That drummer was seriously cracking me up!! His faces were the funniest I've seen on a drummer. Did you have seats in the dirt? Lucky you!!

Sarah said...

First, I'm SO jealous that you got to see Miranda Lambert!

Second, I hope you're feeling better! I experienced the same thing throughout college. I once spend my entire Christmas vacation on the couch with a cough that was so bad I broke one of my ribs. Gross.

ANYWAY! Happy first day of spring :)