Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I'll pretend to be a sailor until my dream boat arrives

Sometimes I have a hard time coming up with things to write about.
Because I don't like repeating myself.
And I feel like I've already shared most of my life with you.
So now that you know everything there is to know what do we discuss?

The weather?
Unless there's some sort of insane storm, I'd rather not.

TV shows?
Only if they are of the reality variety, and super trashy.
But I don't like ranting about TV.
Because if you wanted that, you'd probably just be watching TV.

What I did last night?
Um here's the thing, I may seem like I have all my stuff together
and go out and do fabulous things every night.
But if we're gonna be honest,
I spend most nights on Netflix.
Or doing homework.
It's riveting people.

So here's something you all may not know about me.
Actually, I'm sure you don't know about me.

I have a mouth like a sailor.
Which makes sense considering how badly I want to have a boat.

But seriously, the things that come out of my mouth astound me sometimes.
I can be offensive and horribly rude.
It gets even worse when I am sleepy, hungry, or mildly uncomfortable.
Basically anything less than 100 percent satisfied and the words start flying.
It's almost second nature now. 
Remember kids, swearing releases endorphins! 
I'm not ashamed of it.
Because honestly, it does help take the edge off of difficult situations.
and it can make awkward moments hilarious.
What I don't agree with though, is using these words on the internet.

I know that language like this makes me seem less intelligent than I am.
And I also know that my future boss is one day going to 
see my entire life posted on the internet. 
And I would like to have a job someday.

I also don't like to speak this way around people I've just met.
It's not a great first impression to have.
Because I'm not really so crass, I just sound like it when I let words slip.
So I tend to wait until we've known each other awhile.

I also don't believe in using curse words in arguments.
It completely destroys any credibility you have and makes you look dumb.
I like to appear to know what I'm talking about.
Because at least 40 percent of the time I do.
So why ruin the other 60 percent with words that make me seem like I don't. 

There ya have it people.
The hidden side to my personality.
Sorry if you're disappointed.
But let's be honest, you can't say you've never said a bad word.
Anyways as long as you stick to the blog, you'll never see that side of me.

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