Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Colors Make My World Go 'Round

Holla at ya homeslice.
 Last Friday was my 100th post.
Which for me is a huge deal.
I have such a problem with sticking things out.
Generally, I start something and am super excited about it for a few weeks.
And then get bored and move on to the next thing.
Even though the blog faced a little of this, I ended up coming back to it and loving it.
I wanted to do something awesome for my 100th post.
Like when you were in Elementary school and the 100th day of school was a huge deal.
There was usually a class party.
And sometimes your teacher dressed as an old woman.

But I couldn't think of anything.
I guess I'll just wait till 200.
If you have any suggestions for post numba 200, you better send me an email.

Now, lets talk about what I really came here to talk about today.

macaw hues

You see, I never really appreciated what color can do for a person.
Honestly, I didn't really care.
All I know is that when I was little, I stole paint chips every chance I got.
Had a whole drawer full of 'em.
Any color you could imagine.

So it's fitting that now I am working towards a degree in interior design.
Where I get to spend all day around colors.
Except for when all I do is draw windows and doors. 
That tedious, boring, and frustrating.
But still I love doing it. 
underwater brights

Anyways, I never understood the purpose of color.
I always thought it was pretty.
But think about it.
We've all been in a space or seen something that just makes us feel happy.
Or feel sad.
Or brings us energy.
beach tones

Well, unless they've recently figured out a way to pump caffeine through the air vents, 
Color is what makes it this way.
door tones

And I think it's fascinating! 
I love the way different tones and shades can completely change the way a color makes you feel.
If it's bright and fun, you feel happy and excited.
If it's subdued and light, you feel calm and relaxed.
Or maybe you feel sad.
That's generally the effect that "calming" colors have on me.

Which is why recently I've been embracing bright colors.
And I've been trying to incorporate them into my everyday life.
Because they put a smile on my face. 
Which is why I bought this scarf

And why I've been making an effort to buy more brights.
And less blues.
Because after looking through my closet, basically everything I own is a shade of blue. 
And I like other colors too. 
I love color.

Why do you like colors?


Gina said...

Oh Congrats on 100 posts!! Such a great accomplishment :)

And I love bright colors and looking at color palette and such. Interior design would be great for that!

xo, gina

Breanna Hohenstein said...

I hope your spring break is off to a great start :)