Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring Break Blues

Um, I cannot go this long without blogging ever again.
I missed this business. 
I'm so glad to be on a break from school.
I don't have anything to worry about.
I love being home. 
But the trip to get here..
It was kind of a nightmare.
First it was hailing when we left Lubbock.
Then when we landed in Dallas we had to sit on the plane for 40 minutes
because they were unsure whether conditions in Houston were safe to land.
When the ok was finally given to go to Houston, they started loading the plane.
With all the clouds in the sky, I knew we were in for a pretty crazy ride.
Also because the guy next to me kept asking me questions like,

"Doesn't this remind you of that scene in The Day After Tomorrow when they have a crazy plane ride and almost crash?"

"Do you actually know what the safety procedures are to get off when we crash?"

Thanks dude.
I got my laptop out as quick as possible and shoved in the headphones.
The flight was so bumpy, my computer almost hit the top of the seat
 because I stopped holding it for a few seconds.
They didn't serve drinks.
No one ever came on the intercom and told us to turn off our electronics.
I landed with my episode of Modern Family still playing.
Then it took about 30 extra minutes to get home because of the rain.
Everyone on the road was just driving where they felt like it because no one could 
see the lines dividing the lanes. 

Basically I was a nervous wreck until I was safely sitting on the couch at home.
And now, I'm still sitting on that couch because it's still raining.
Later I'm going to see a movie.
But really, this is not the weather I was hoping for.
Sun, please come out soon.
I want to do something fun.

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