Tuesday, April 3, 2012

One Time.. I Almost Died

This time of year makes me so happy.
I like it, because I still have the structure of my everyday
school life, but the weather is gorgeous and I can wear all my summer clothes.
And I can imagine myself sitting outside.
Drinking a really big glass of sweet tea.
Soaking in the sunshine.
Colorful Adirondack chairs.
Preferably in chairs as cute as this.

It reminds me of banana Popsicles.
And swimming pools.
It makes me want to be by a lake or an ocean.
the perfect porch swing- by the beach!
Preferably one that looks this good.

But it also reminds me that life isn't always this great.
Especially when the weather gets scary.
Like it is today in Dallas.
It's hard for me because I know so many people who have family in that area.
And they are scared out of their minds for them.
So I'm praying that it will all be ok.

However, in light of there being tornadoes and everything,
I'll tell you all about my tornado story.

You see my dad used to travel to California a lot.
(This was a long time ago, before my parents got divorced)
This left my mom home alone with me and my brother.
On one of these business trips, it got really stormy.
In school I'd been learning all about what to do in case of weather emergencies.
So we were looking outside at the clouds before going to bed,
and I saw one that looked like an upside down triangle.
So my first thought was
Tornado and lightning
and naturally as a small child, I calmly looked at my mother and said,
"That one looks like a tornado".
She then said
"No, I don't think so,"
and we went on with our business.
Well, turns out, my natural instinct was correct.
It was a tornado.
That then slammed into the mall.
That is less than a mile from my house.
Not a big deal.

I think next time
we should listen to 7 year old me
 it's probably a tornado.

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SmalltownGirl said...

OK the tornado story is so not funny BUT tornadoes are MY BIGGEST FEAR (and I live in WV where the odds are like nonexistent) and I used to say that all the time. And every time we have a "weather alert watch" on the radio I freak out. No midwest living for this girl! So glad I came across your cute blog :)