Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Story time. Whoop

So guys.
Summer is my favorite and all, but this is a little bit ridiculous.
It's April.
What is this nonsense.

I just realized I haven't ever told y'all my favorite
"I can't believe that really happened" moment.
So that's what I'm going to do right now. 
And trust me, it's a good one. 
You see it all started with Prom.
Before you quit reading, I promise this has very little to do with Prom.
So don't start rolling your eyes yet. 
Here's how it went down:

We did our prom thang.
Ate food, danced, you know the drill.
Then we all hopped in our party bus 
(because, really, what 18 year old doesn't get carted around in a party bus?)
and headed down to our friends beach house in Galveston.
We spent the night there and the next morning went out on the water.
We boated, we swam, we kayaked, and we jet skied.
The usual beach-y activities.

But see here's the deal.
I'd never driven a jet ski before.
The only time I'd been on one I was about 6 months old.
So my experience was a little lacking.
 But the boyfriend, overestimating my abilities, said I could drive.
Obviously, I was way too excited about this.

So I got to driving, and felt a little more confident.
When I looked down, the speedometer said 50 mph.
And I freaked out a little. 
So instead of just letting of the gas a little, I let go completely.
(Sometimes, my judgement amazes me)
Which led the jet ski to jerk to a stop,
throwing us both off the jet ski.
I hit my face on something and he smacked his back.
We were in good shape.
So I reached down to get the key so we could swim back,
only to discover it had flown off of my life jacket.
Now we were in even better shape 

So I swam over to the jet ski which had floated a ways a way by this point,
and then sat on the back and kicked it over to Keegan, who wasn't feeling 
good enough to swim. 

Then I found the "blow-in-case-of-emergency" whistle.
And I blew and blew until Keegan took it away
because he was so angry at the noise. 

We sat on that jet ski for 2 hours
until a stranger came across us and 
towed us back to the house we were staying at. 

Not only was it mildly embarrassing,
It left me as burnt as can be.
Seriously, pants were out of the question for a good 4 days.
Too bad I didn't feel up to snapping a picture of this
to show yall how red I was. 

And there ya have it.
My favorite "I can't believe that really happened" moment. 


Kelsey said...

hahaha ohhh man totally forgot about that. don't know how i did though. that was fantastic (:

The Mrs. and The Momma said...

Hey girlie! Found from Erin's cute! I'm a TTU alum! I never see fellow Red Raiders here on the blogosphere! I'll take a look around you glad I found you!

The Mrs. and The Momma

Andrea @ Love is... said...

Oh no! That sounds like no fun at all!

New follower over from Erin's blog! = )

Emily Devine said...

Cute blog! That's a pretty crazy story.

Logan said...

Saw you on Erin's blog!
I must say, I loved this story! I feel like my life is always filled with "I can't believe that really happened" moments so I just adore hearing other people's stories as well!
Great blog :)