Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I don't think I have enough projects

Project, project, project.

Welcome to my life chickadees.
It's a wonderful place to be these days.
It's finals week and somehow I still have projects.

I think I definitely chose the least time consuming major.
It's not like I enjoyed spending my time doing things other than projects.
I was really looking for a way to spice up my life.
I think I found it.
In projects that is.

But the thing is, I love these stinkin projects.
And the headaches, stress, and tears that come with them.
(There are lots of tears..)
I wouldn't trade what I'm doing for anything else. 
I love interior design.
But some days I wish my life was a simple as studying out of a book.
That's pretty straight forward.

Oh, well.
Time to maybe study some for my final
that I will be taking at 7:30 on a Saturday morning.
Optimum test taking time if you ask me. 

But here's something to look forward to.
One week from today I'll be sleeping in my own bed.
All my projects will be done.
And I'll finally have time for this lil blog again.
Until then, off to do more projects.

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