Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Apparently I shouldn't do drugs

Well this past Friday I lost a little bit of wisdom
Three teeth to be exact.

And while I can't really remember anything that happened the day of 
my surgery I did find all sorts of evidence on my phone.
Apparently, my mom thought it would be ok to leave me 
all hopped up on drugs in the car alone with an iPhone.
Which led to many pictures that look like this 
Fortunately, I only instagrammed this one.
The rest are stored safely on my phone to be deleted once they stop being funny.

I also made my mom touch my face at least 6 times
 to see if my chin felt as funny to her as it did to me.
It would seem that it did not.

Then on a trip to the hardware store for my mom to buy supplies for fixing our shower
I walked around Lowes laughing like a 12 year old at the word "caulk".
My maturity amazes me these days.

Anyways, my surgery was successful and I'm back to eating normal foods again.
It's a little upsetting. 
I was quite enjoying my diet of Easy Mac and Wendy's chocolate frostys.
{Maybe I'll keep it going and just settle for being 200 pounds.}
My face has returned to it's normal size and I'm off the pain pills.
It probably won't make the word "caulk" any less funny though.
(I'm giggling as I write this, in case you're wondering)

I hope you all had lovely Memorial days filled with as much ice cream as mine was.
Until tomorrow love bugs. 


Sarah said...

I'm glad you're feeling better! I have to have FOUR wisdom teeth taken out next week. I'm freaking out a little, but the mac n cheese and frosty diet doesn't sound too bad :)

Elisha(: said...

feel better!! get lots of rest!!! :P


Chelsea said...

I just had jaw surgery, so I totally know how your mouth felt! Ha! Glad to hear that everything went well :)