Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fashion at it's Finest

Hello, hello beautifuls. 
I was all ready to do one of those fun fashion posts.
Ya know what I'm talking about.
The ones where I look all cute and perfect 
then I go outside and make someone take all sorts of pictures of me.
Then I tell you where you can buy all my clothes.
But then

I remembered what I'm wearing today.
And that most likely, no one considers Tech shirts particularly fashionable. 
And then I also remembered.. 
That my sense of style is a little lacking 
considering this is my attire 6 out 7 days of the week.
with different tshirts of course.. I don't wear the exact same thing everyday.
What do you people think I am, some sort of savage?

And finally I remembered that this morning, 
sleeping me figured out how to turn off the alarm.
So that sleeping me got an extra hour of sleep.
{That greedy little thing}
Therefore awake me had a total of 8 minutes to get out the door.
So my makeup wasn't exactly top priority.
Meaning, I look a little nasty today. 

So sorry to report, you will not be getting the fashion post you were not expecting.
Which means, no one is disappointed.
So it all works out in the end I suppose.

Then I was searching around the blog community thinking of what else I could write about
since, clearly, my fashion post was not up to par.
But I found nothing I thought was inspiring.
Then I got on Pinterest and Twitter in the hopes that something 
would spark a little inspiration.
And nothing.

So it looks like I'm back to square one.
"What the heck do I write about?"

Uh, well..
I got nothing but this.

Summer school.
{riveting, I know}
I'm taking 6 hours.
Which doesn't sound like much.
But 10-2 everyday is a long time. 
Especially when I've learned all of this stuff already.
Actually I've learned all of this stuff at least four times already.

However, summer school has taught me two new things.
The first is that I was incredibly blessed to be able to leave home and
go to a four year university.
Especially one as great as Texas Tech 
{Wreck 'Em}

The second is that I was extremely fortunate to go to 
elementary, middle, and high school in the area that I did.
While I learned the same thing in history class every year for 
twelve years, I also got a really high caliber education. 

Being surrounded by people who didn't go to the same schools as I,
and who are now in college, I realize that not everyone learned 
the same things as I did.
I'm not saying my classmates are stupid, I'm just saying they weren't 
as well prepared coming into college as I was. 

Take for example the guy who sits next to me in history.
He's from another country (some where in the Carribean I believe)
so he never had to learn American history 
But now that he is required to, he's much further behind than everyone else.
Our professor assumes that everyone in the class has at least a basic knowledge 
of the original 13 colonies and the revolution, but he doesn't.
And it's sort of setting him up for failure.
Which is in no way his fault, but it is something he has to overcome.
And observing this, it makes me feel really lucky that I was taught the things
I was in the way I was.

And to sum it all up, education is the most important thing
and I suck at fashion posts.

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tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

wait a second, are you saying that I'm not inspiring? ;) honestly though, you don't want me to do a fashion post either. I tried once. emphasis on once, followed by a horrid annonymous comment. I think I'll stick with posting pictures of my dog and nephew. and maybe t-shirts.