Friday, July 20, 2012

100 & Abandoned Bathtubs

Holy New Followers.
I can not believe that you all showed up today.
I am absolutely thrilled to have you. 
I did a little dance around in my underoos when I saw you.
Well nevermind, I was wearing pants. 
But I thought saying "I did a little dance in my pants" was inappropriate.
Whoops. I said it anyways. 

You people just got me to a new milestone.
It's a big day people.
Which means, at the end of this week.
We have a very exciting surprise.

But until then, you people must be patient.
I'm off to my favorite place eva. 
An abandoned bathtub.

But I'm really off to Crested Butte, CO.
Check ya later homes. 

1 comment:

Ang said...

congrats on reaching 100! that's so exciting! i'm stopping bby from over at and would love for you to visit me. :)