Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Blanca Blanco: Hair Cutting Machine

That's my name.
Don't wear it out.

Well it's my name according to about 2000 hairstylists.
"Hairstylists..? Did I hear that right..?"
Why yes, yes you did.

This weekend I worked a hair show.
"What?! you're a model?!"
Uhh.. not exactly.
Although it's so sweet of you to think so. 

Ya know how everyone works those odd jobs at some point in their life?
Well, this weekend I worked one of those jobs.
I sold hair cutting shears

Now lets remember that my experience is a little lacking. 
Actually I have none, other than the fact that
at age four I cut my brothers hair.
It was a hack job.
I used the safety scissors with the plastic covering the blade.
I cut random chunks.
They were forced to buzz the rest off.

I did an excellent job.
If you're ever in need of a hair cut, hit me up. 

I know absolutely nothing about what each different type of shears do.
 I didn't even know they were called shears until two days ago. 
I called  them scissors. 
So when I was forced to sell them to hairstylists my pitch went a little like this: 
"I know they cut hair.
I know they're sharp.
I know they are shiny.
Wanna buy some?"

Well, kind of.
It went more like :
"These are pretty great.
You'll do a great job. 
Why don't you try 'em out on the mannequin?
Wanna buy some?"

Essentially, I spent all weekend pretending I was a hairstylist.
 I thought I failed miserably, but apparently not because
I was asked to freelance.
Had I agreed, that would include flying all over the country and selling products.
I politely declined even though I was pretty flattered. 
But the best part..
My free hair products.
The booth next to the one I was working
sold all sorts of hair products and since I was working next to them,
I got some swag. 
These bottles run about 30 bucks a pop.
So I'd say it's a win for me. 
Plus look how cute that packaging is! 

So if y'all ever need any tips on shears and/or hair products,
let me know. I can make up a reasonable answer for you. 

Blanca out. 

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Tansy Stobart said...

Hey I miss you! Also read this: http://familylifeinfife.blogspot.com/
It makes me cry ]: