Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Scribbles in the House, Yo.

Hi loves.
I am so excited today to share with you a very sweet bloggy friend of mine.
She never fails to make my day with her super sweet comments.
I'll let her introduce herself

Hi there all you pretty
Living and Learning fans!
My name is Chelsea :-)

I blog over at
where I write about my crazy life
and anything else that comes to mind. 

Maybe you want to know why I have braces
Maybe you would rather read a fun post

Either way, you should stop on over HERE
so that I can get to know ya'll better!
(I am from Iowa.. Did I really just say "Ya'll"?)
I am SO very excited to be here today to fill in
while our lovely Natalie is enjoying herself on vacation.
I already know that you guys are awesome 
because you are following such an awesome blog!!
While Natalie is on vacation,
it only seems fitting that I blog about vacationing!
I actually just got back from two vacations
Vacation number one was a whole lot of relaxing in Wisconsin:

 and a whole lot of hilly-billy
Yes, my hair is in beer can rollers.

What I learned from this vacation:
If you have a big family, have each family make dinner one night for all of the other families.
Each family has a theme and it is kept a secret until the dinner reveal.
As you can see from the pictures, our theme was Hilly Billy 
and we went ALL out. 
It made vacation and dinner a lot of fun!
Vacation number two, 
New York, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. (with a group called People to People),
 was a whole lot of sight-seeing

and a whole lot of learning. 
  What I learned from this vacation:
Traveling teaches you so much about your country and our world.
Take the time to try new things and visit new places!

Time for me to say goodbye!
Make sure to come over and say HI.
I can't wait to meet you :-)


I told you she's a sweetheart.
Get yo bootays over to her blog and say hello.

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