Monday, July 30, 2012

Vacation Recap

Hello, hello! 
Shirt- Banana Republic

So for the past week I've been in one of my favorite places.
Crested Butte to be more specific.
And it was beautiful.
But the trip was jam packed with craziness.

First off, my brother was not supposed to be on this trip.
He had been gone for a week at boy scout camp
backpacking like the best of 'em.
Until we got a call on Saturday while we were driving from 
Albuquerque (where my grandparents live) up to Crested Butte.
He had been pulled of the mountain.
Thankfully it was nothing serious. 
He just has been struggling with knee issues and 
when you tack on a 40 pound pack and 10 mile hikes everyday
I could imagine how that would make it worse.
So we had to go out of our way by three hours to go 
 pick him up and bring him with us to Crested Butte.
He seems to be doing better now, but he has an appointment soon 
with an orthopedic specialist. 

So after we got all the craziness involved with getting him settled,
we went zip lining.

It was so fun.
Plus I think I really am rocking the whole helmet thing.
I've considered wearing them on a daily basis.
But really, my head is far too big for helmets to ever work.
I had to make my helmet as big as it could go before it would 
fit on my head.. I think this is a problem.
Anyways, zip lining is awesome.
(Helmets are not.)
But while we were zip lining, my mom came in on a landing 
wrong and pulled her quad. 
Talk about the worst kind of injury.
{Oh, did I mention she's a runner?}
Yeah, so basically the rest of the trip was spent 
walking as little as possible so that my mom and my brother
wouldn't further injure themselves.

But we did have a good time! 
We shopped, explored town, and ate really yummy food. 
Plus, I got to have photo shoots.
Which I never really thought I would get into.
I just wanted to play on my new camera.
Explore its settings and what not.
But that turned into a complete shoot of my family.
I took 1,001 pictures.
And none of them were of vacationy type things.
They were just pictures. 
Here are some of my favorites: 

I also celebrated my 19th birthday while I was gone.
 It was nice to be around my whole family on my birthday.

It's fun to celebrate with all of them.
I was really excited about getting bananagrams and a stuffed lion
It's not like I turned nineteen or anything. 

While I had a great time, 
it's so nice to come home after vacation.
I love being gone, but the feeling of returning to a normal 
schedule is one of my absolute favorite feelings.
I like normal.
I like routine.
I like plans and schedules.
I like busy.
These are the things that I am used to.
That I love about my life.
And while I love travelling.
I love coming home even more.

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