Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Naked Blogging

You perverts.
I'm totally wearing clothes.

Shirt & Belt-Target//Shorts-Nordstrom Rack 

I was totally planning on doing a 
"What I Wore Wednesday" Post
and being all fashion-y and stuff,
but then I got busy cleaning which is very unlike me...
My room has been in the same state of mess since May.
It's August now.
It was getting a little pathetic.
Well, now 4 bags of trash and 4 hours later
I have a halfway cleaned room & a what I wore post a day late.
So nothing out of the ordinary.
{Aside from that whole cleaning thing..}
Have an excellent day after Wednesday.


Mindy Harris said...

found you through the my beautiful, crazy life blog hop and now follow!

Cait said...

love this great outfit! cute blog :) you should check the giveaway im having on my blog! it ends tomorrow!