Monday, August 6, 2012

Fat Kid Syndrome

Wait you guys.
I just won a giveaway.
Can I even explain how cool that is?
I seriously enter a million giveaways a month.
I've been trying so hard to win.
Not even for the prize.
Just to be like:
"Oh yeah, well I won a giveaway and you didn't. Nananana" 
As you can see, I'm a really humble winner.

So this giveaway.
It was a $40 giftcard to Tookies
It's this super adorbs sweets shop.
And have I ever mentioned I have the biggest sweet tooth?
This girl downed a package of Oreos like the world was ending yesterday.
I'm ashamed and a little proud.
But mostly curious why I'm not obese yet.
With the amount of treats I consume and the lack of exercise, 
by my calculations I should be a million pounds.
It was an exact calculation.
I've got this whole algebra thing in the bag. 
Wait, so I'm pretty sure this means I don't have a sweet tooth.
I have an addiction. 
Or un-diagnosed diabetes. 
Either one. 

Back to what I was saying. 
They have cookie sandwiches, cake in a jar, 
marshmallows, s'mores in a jar. 
Basically those dreams you have where you eat everything in site
and it all tastes incredible. Hm, maybe that's my fat kid syndrome.
Does everyone have these dreams?
Well, my dreams made a website.
It's called Tookies

In other news, this ole blog 'o mine is in need of a spruce up.
Which really means I'm bored with my design and I want it to be better.
Which means I'm getting a new one. 


Emily Dextraze said...

YAY!! brag it up!!! I enter lots of give away and have only won one or two. [I am actually waiting for my copy of Friends With Kids to arrive, that I won] The sweets look super yummie and cute!! so happy for you!!

Chelsea said...

Oh my gosh, I'm SO happy for you!!!!! I have been dying to win a giveaway, too! I feel like I enter a million and never win. I am so happy that you did!

20 Going on 80 said...

Hahaha I seriously wonder how I'm not a million pounds either sometimes! A friend and I had this discussion freshman year of college. It went something like, "Ya know, theoretically I really should be a lot bigger by all the crap I eat." Haha

I'm jealous of your Tookies! I want to try their S'mores jar soooooo bad! Nom nom nom.