Thursday, August 9, 2012

Packed and Loaded

Can we just all agree packing can learn to do itself?
I mean, phones can basically function on their own now,
why can't my clothes learn to put themselves in a suitcase?
Oooh, or wash themselves?
 But, mostly pack themselves.
Same goes for bedding.
And whatever else I packed.
Do you see where I'm going here?
Wait, maybe not.
I'm packing.
Or packed now. 

All of my boxes of stuff are in a pile in the dining room.
My mother is pleased.
I moved my mess from my room to downstairs.
Just the way she likes it. 
And then tomorrow it goes downstairs and into the car.
And then it will be put in my shiny new apartment.
Scratch that.
It's not shiny.
Or new.
So my new-to-me apartment. 

That's right.
I'm headed back up to school. 
I seriously am so excited.
This summer has been way too crazy and way too boring.
All at the same time. 
I'm not really ok with the mixture.
Either way I lost sort of.

And I'm also so bittersweet about leaving the kids I've been babysitting.
They're too precious.
I wish I could stay and work for them all year.
Who needs college, right?

Well, enough of all this sad stuff.
 I'm headed off on a nine hour drive.
Catch ya later, friends. 

PS. I never leave the state.
Take that New England.
Tejas is bigger than all of you combined. 
Check it.

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Janice Wong said...

have a safe drive! glad i got to see you before you left :)