Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Balance & Focus

My two strongest qualities... 
{Keep reading.. you'll understand}
You know that saying:
"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery"
I'm starting to think it's true.
Because here's the thing.
For the past few months, I've had an individual trying to become me.
I mean let's be honest..
Who doesn't want to be like this?
I think it's a little weird.
Especially considering what I'm assuming their reasons are behind it. 
But I'm choosing to be flattered by it. 
I guess it means I'm sort of awesome if someone wants to 
be exactly like me in every way..
Or maybe they're a little deranged.
It's whatever.
As long as it doesn't directly affect my life, I'm not complain'.
In other news, this whole school getting in the way of blogging is not ok with me.
I need some balance in my life.
My schedule hasn't been the same since I got back to Lubbock.
It's killing me.
I just want a normal.
But I'm starting to think that maybe chaos is my normal.
After all, I did sort of make it this way, didn't I?
I'm definitely supposed to be writing a paper right now, or rather, researching for a paper right now.
But all I want to do is blog.
I love writing more than anything, but writing a paper about "the research process" is a little mundane and boring. I just want to write about something interesting.
Like ya know, how to find balance.. 
Riveting people. 
Fun fact, my major coming into college was Journalism.
I think I could have been pretty great at it.
But then there's the problem of I only want to write about what I want when I want. 
So the whole deadline/structure thing doesn't really float my boat.
So naturally, I switched my major to something that's nothing but deadlines and structure.
If you can figure out what I was thinking there, lemme know. 
But really, I love Interior Design.
I just drew out my floor plan for a project a few moments ago and 
every time I just want to see it all built even though I know that won't happen. 
Which brings me back to my point, how does writing a paper over how to find 
the information over a building help me build houses or hospitals or whatever else I choose?
I mean, yes, it's helpful.
But I already know how..
Why do I have to bore my TA with a four page paper about how I googled a building, looked it up in a book, and asked the librarian a question?
I think I could save us both some time if I just didn't do it.
Although, let's be real.
I can't do that.
 I care far to much about my grades.
And with my goal of getting another 4.0, I really don't think failing an assignment is a good start.  
I hope my TA is prepared for a paper along the lines of
"I spent a few hours on Pinterest and then decided it may be time to research, I googled, then went back to Pinterest" I mean... Four pages of that.
Who wouldn't want to read it? 
I think the original point of this nonsense was the fact that I need some balance.
I'd love to tell you more, but I'm already late for my meeting...
Until next time 

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Breanna said...

I love your new blog design, so cute :) Hope you are doing wonderful girl!