Monday, September 24, 2012

I believe

The other day, my very favorite blogger Erin at Living in Yellow
did a link up. We all know my abilities to actually
make it to link up parties are a little lacking. 
So obviously I'm doing it late.
I think it's become my thing to write my link up post a few days late.
If only it would be as effective as linking up on time.
But whateva, whateva.
It's my blog. I do my own thang.

Onward to the actual point of this post.
Her link up was called I believe.
And there are many things I believe.
Here goes nothin': 

I believe in chocolate. Excessive amounts of chocolate.
I believe in the knowledge that no one can hold you back from your dreams.
I believe that if you put in the work, big things will come to you.
I believe in laughter.
I believe that a day without a smile is not a day worth having.

I believe in fresh starts.
I believe in forgiveness.
I believe in the color yellow and it's abilities to cheer me up.
I believe in buying cookie dough simply to eat, never to cook.
I believe in the power of a compliment.
I believe in skinny vanilla lattes.
I believe in silliness and dancing like a freak. 

I believe in making silly faces.
I believe in kindness
I believe in nail polish and makeup. 
I believe that happiness is a persons best quality.
I believe in sunlight.
I believe in confidence

I believe in family.
I believe in being trusting even when I have no reason to. 
I believe in honesty.
I believe in community. 
I believe in Alpha Delta Pi

I believe in love.
I believe in holding your head up high and fighting through the pain.
I believe in new clothes and occasionally shopping.
I believe in spoiling myself within reason. 
Lastly and most importantly, I believe in Jesus Christ and all He has given me.


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