Thursday, March 21, 2013


As an interior design majors we are forced to take a lot of art classes.

 All of the following a projects I completed last semester.
In my new art class, we are working on a self reflective piece.
I mentioned to my teacher that I write this blog and he gave me the idea to run with a visual blog.
I've been playing around with it a lot. 
It's a hard piece.
It forces me to dig really deeply into my blog and myself
to figure out my purpose here.
I guess in reality it's just an expression of my life and my memories,
and that's what this piece is going to reflect as well.
But there is something about my classmates reading these posts that intimidates me.
I don't mind when complete strangers read my daily thoughts, but when the people
in my art class have the opportunity to, it sort of terrifies me.
It's a weird thought that I can express myself so vulnerably to the internet but not 
to people who I see on a daily basis.
I guess that's kind of the beauty of the internet.
Anyways, I'm looking forward to sharing the finished product and seeing how it progresses.
I hope you've had a fabulous Thursday.

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