Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A letter to my mother

Dear Mom,

Can you believe I am 18 today?

Yeah, me either.
I feel so many things as I'm writing this to you.
I feel blessed that I am your daughter.
I feel nervous that I am leaving you soon.
But, mostly, I feel excited that you and I have made it this far.
I certainly would not be the person I am today without your guidance along the way.

Mommy, you are my best friend.
The one that's been by my side right from the start and will never fail to make me smile.
Thank you for teaching me to be independent, confident, and humble.
I have learned so many lessons from you, most of them by watching the way you carry yourself daily.
You are my hero.
The person that I look up to the most.
I'm so scared that in just a few weeks I'll be leaving your side.
Don't worry though, you raised me so well and I know that I'll be fine.

I know that today is one of those big milestones for me, but it's just as big for you.
We did it! Eighteen whole years.
It doesn't feel that long to me.
But I want you to know that were I given the choice, I would still choose you to be my mom.
I couldn't be more thankful that God gave me to you.
You are the strongest woman I know.
I'm so proud to call myself your daughter.

You are the best, Mom! Thanks for everything. Here's to many more birthday's and many more milestones together.
I love you.

- your always loving daughter


Janice Wong said...

I love this! It made me cry, and I'm not even your mother!

Emily said...

Happy 18th! And so sweet you and your mom are close. I love that. :) Isn't it special?
Much love x

Kaitlin Jean said...

So sweet! Happy Birthday Girly! Hope you had a wonderful day!!

Tansy Stobart said...

<3 i love you babe! happy belated [: