Monday, July 25, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Hello, hello! Today I thought I would try something new. First of all, I'm bloggin' in the mornin'. Well sort of.. It is 2:00 so I guess that doesn't really count as morning. Oh well, I kinda like this change. The brain is more awake at this time. I'm linking up with lowercase letters (another fav blog o' mine). Basically this post is just a collection of random thoughts. Enjoy.

 I seriously have a problem with electronics. Anything and everything I ever own goes absolutely insane..
For example, my previous laptop would on occasion have the screen turn completely white and then lines in various colors would rain down creating a rainbow effect on the screen.
 Pretty? Yes. Frustrating? Beyond belief.
 I don't know what it is about me that causes electronic mayhem but it really needs to stop.
Maybe I generate some kind of electromagnetic wave that cause anything electronic in my reachs to become possesed.
Do other's have this problem or am I the only one?

Tomorrow I must venture to the DMV.
 Du du duhhhhh.
 That was me attempting that music from movies when dreaded things happen.. I don't know, just roll with it.
It's time to renew the license. Ick. At least I'll finally get rid of this awful picture
I honestly don't know what went wrong in this picture. I swear that I did not look bad when I left my house.. Also I have no idea why I look so much like an elf. Overall, it was just a bad picture. Hopefully, tomorrow's will be much better.

Now, this next thing is slightly out of charater for me but I just have to share my new love. Yesterday, in my haul of shoes I got the cutest pairs of heels! Being someone that despises shopping, I do not normally talk about cute purchases and such. Especially when it comes to shoes because I normally can't walk in heels. Like seriously,  I look like a duck combined with a girafe. Enjoy that mental image, but first take a look at the shoes

I can't wait to wear them. However, I'm pretty sure my mom is classifying them as birthday gifts so I can not actually call them mine until Wednesday.

Tomorrow, the boyfriend and I are taking cute pictures with one of his friends who is an awesome photographer. I am so pumped. I've been wanting them for so long because I need cute pics for the dorm room. I didn't even know if they were really going to happen or not, but I bought a bunch of cute frames to match all my dorm stuff. Too excited? Oh yeah, but I don't even care!
 I can't wait! I'll be sure and share some of the pictures as soon as I get them.

While eating my lunch today, I sat down and watched some tv. CSI Miami was on. It was actually that episode where they crossed over with CSI Vegas. It's a good episode, but while watching I realized how awkward they angles are that they show Horatio at. Poor Horatio.. They do not do him any justice with the camera.

Well, happy Monday folks! I hope you didn't mind me trying something new today. I think I'll keep this one going. I like doing it. Buh bye.

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Kaitlin Jean said...

This was great! I love your new shoes and I can't wait to see your pictures from your photoshoot with the boy! Jusin and I are planning on having our pics done in October when he comes back!